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A Nyack Realtor's Advice for Winterizing Your Home

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As we experience record low temperatures here in the Nyack’s with it’s Victorian homes as a Nyack Realtor I always tell my clients to do the following to winterize their homes. Change the furnace filters. Run the ceiling fans in reverse which will force the warm air down. Winterize the water lines and heating pipes (good idea to check with your plumber here). Turn down the temperature on the water heater. Search out the drafts around windows and doors and insultate It goes without saying you should install storm doors and windows. Give the furnace an annual check up. Smart to do before we hit cold weather. It really pays to get a programmable thermostat so you can lower temperature when not home and at night while sleeping. Consider upgrading to new energy efficient furnace. Call Orange and Rockland for an energy audit very helpful.