How to Sell Your San Diego Home without a Realtor - Day 7

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How to Sell Your San Diego Home Without a RealtorToday's article on how to sell your San Diego home without a Realtor is about how to handle showings of your home. 


I recommend handling the showing differently if a buyer's agent is showing your home to a buyer, or if a buyer is viewing your home unaccompanied by an agent.


With a direct buyer, you will want to offer a tour of your home. I do recommend letting the buyer take the lead and move into different rooms that he or she seemse inclined to view first. I have recently visited homeowners that insist on us going through the home in the exact way they wanted it shown. It really dampens the experience of the home buyer.


It just makes good common sense to let the potential buyer take the lead. Try to find a good balance between providing information and talking non-stop. You want the potential buyer to experience your home and don't want to disttract. Be sure to point out any upgrades, things that you really love about the home, and how your property is different from other homes on the market (i.e. granny flat, solar panels) Be sure to invite questions from the buyer.


Home showings ARE NOT the time to discuss everything that is wrong with the residence, or all the problems you have had with the home.


If you are asked direct questions about what is wrong, I would be honest without volunteering extra information. For instance, if you have had a number of plumbing issues, but everything has been thoroughly repaired, there is no need to address that during the showing.


When a buyer's agent shows a potential buyer your home, I recommend making yourself scarce and allowing the agent to show your home. The agent may not know YOUR home as well as you do, but experienced agents know how to show homes. Try to resist the urge to follow them around.  When the buyer and agent are finished touring the home, you should ask if they have any questions - answering whatever they ask as honestly and succinctly as possible.


When agents show your home, you will want to get a business card.  A few hours after the showing, give the agent a call or send a text. Ask for feedback about how the showing went, the pricing of the  property, and if they have any recommendations. While I know many FSBO home sellers love to hate and avoid Realtors, we can be an excellent resource and provide valuable information. Use the feedback you receive to either alter the condition of your home or adjust your price.

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