The Three Fingers

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When you point out the flaws of someone else, be careful. In pointing that finger at someone else, many times there are three fingers pointing right back at yourself. A great reminder that sometimes, what we find wrong or irritating in someone else is the same thing that we, ourselves, need to improve.

How often do we find that to be the case? It's at least worth considering because if the analysis helps to improve us, it's worth the introspection. If it's not the truth and we stand clear of that which bothers us, then that's great. Move on. 

I was talking with a friend about a conversation with another agent and how something that person had done kind of bothered me. Thank heavens, the friend with whom I was talking is a very good friend who quickly, with a small laugh, agreed with me when I offered that the quirky behaviour was probably something of which I was guilty, too. "Hello pot, Hi Kettle!" 

So, although I'm not a resolution person, opting instead for business and personal goals for the year ahead, this year I will be working on analyzing first if I really have a dog in the fight before I jump in, and on reflecting in the mirror so that I expend energy in the right direction. Cheers to a wonderful 2018 for all of us!

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