San Francisco Hard Money Seconds and Thirds

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We specialize in hard money loans in California.  One of our niche products that we offer includes San Francisco hard money seconds and thirds.

These hard money seconds and thirds are an option to consider when in need of capital for a new project or for an existing project.  We do not do consumer purpose seconds or thirds - only business purpose.  With these programs we are able to allow our clients to keep their attractive rate existing loans, while accessing capital in their property.

This capital can be used for business expansion, paying off business debt, acquisition of inventory, rehab of an investment property, soft costs for a construction project, downpayment for the acquisition of a new investment property and many other purposes.  

In addition, we can secure these hard money seconds not just in San Francisco, but throughout the state of California.  We can help with seconds on residential property as well as commercial, multi-family and unique property types.  Raw land is typically the only type of property we may not be able to secure a second or third on.

Our loan to value ratios on these seconds can go as high as 70-75% of the total loan to value - although depending on various factors that cap can also be in the 60-65% range.  Our hard money seconds and thirds are closed end, interest only and typically come with no prepayment penalty.

If you have been looking for financing options to access equity in your property, but don't want to lose the terms of your existing loan, give us a call to see if we can help.  877 462 3422.  Typically speaking we can let you know fairly quickly whether we can help.  If we can, the funding time on these programs is pretty swift.  About 2 weeks on average, although sometimes we can close more quickly (and sometimes it does take longer).

For more information on our San Francisco hard money seconds and thirds, visit our California hard money seconds blog post!

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