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I have a lovely first generation Chinese woman as a client.   She would like to buy her first home and I found a house that I thought she would really like.   It was a house someone was flipping and they did a great job.  Honestly it was one of the best flips I've ever seen.   My client loved it and wanted to show her Mom.   Mom liked the house as well.  The kitchen is on the right side of the house, the fireplaces is on the wall to right of the front door instead of straight ahead (All good things Feng Shui wise I have learned) Unfortunately the house number was 4804 and that was a deal breaker for Mom.   Apparently, four is the Chinese equivalent of 13 and your address shouldn't have any fours in it at all.   Basically that address to a Feng Shui practitioner means Dead, Dead?, Dead Not something you want in a new home. 


I love that I have a job that is always teaching me something and I think I earned some points with mom by addressing her concerns.   

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Monica Brown
Meecorp Capital - New York, NY

Vicki,  that was very interesting.  I will never have an address with a 4 in it again!   I live in NYC and will also avoid apartments on the 4th floor, just in case!   Thanks for sharing.  Monica Brown Real Capital Loans

May 19, 2008 05:24 AM
Lindsey Jackson
Tulsa, OK

I learned this today on the Today Show actually! Apparently 8 is the lucky number (like our "7" I'm guessing) and 4 is like our 13.  This is because their "8" sounds like the word for prosperity and like you said "4" sounds like dead.  They said that they don't have 4th floors on their buildings like most buildings here don't have 13.  I thought that was interesting!

So, did she get the house despite the fours?

Aug 08, 2008 02:39 AM