Why Hiring A Local Inspector Makes So Much Cents

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In my area we have a number of coastal islands that can only be reached by ferry or water taxi. Many a time, a newbie to island travel can waste a lot of time and money to reach their island destination. For example, reading ferry schedules is an artform, especially if you have to use a couple to get there. If you don't understand the 'system', just hire a dedicated water taxi to get your there at a couple of hundred dollars, each way! 

That unfamiliar island travel inspector is going to be an expensive hire. Not only that, but island buildings are usually recreational properties that are only two season properties or have been converted to three or four season habitations. Your inspector had better understand how to review these 'special case'  properties. They are different!

Just as hiring a realtor with local knowledge trumps an out of area agent, so too does it apply to home inspectors.


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