2018 one for the record books?

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Who knows and frankly who cares?

My point is we seem to all get caught up about will it be a good year or if a bad year what to do? I guess there is some benefit in that. But, frankly, just relax and go with the flow. No matter if the market is good, bad or indifferent there will ALWAYS be people wanting to buy or sell. The trick is to find them. Then provide a high level of service so they will refer to you in future markets. 

I'm a dinosaur that was around when interest rates were 20%... and we sold homes. (we also used to say "if rates would just get down to 12% we could really do business). I was also here when rates were in the 3%. Some people are now worried about rates going to 5%. Actually, that might be good for the market, as it would force some buyers and sellers off the sidelines and into the market. Rates are great now but some agents are complaining no business because there is no inventory you see there is always a reason, so ignore it.  Regardless of the market here are a few tips that will help you get by and get by successfully:

  1. Go to the office for a few hours every day and WORK there

  2. Ignore the water cooler experts

  3. Call at least 5 present or past clients every day

  4. Stop by to see a past client or three every week

  5. Dont be afraid to ask for business

  6. Follow up and follow up some more

  7. Return your phone calls now... not in five minutes or an hour or "I return my calls every afternoon between 3 and 4"  do it now

  8. Use the internet but remember it is just a TOOL!!!

  9. Get out and see business people, business you rely on... be around be visible and be available

So I guess we could talk about 2019 but that wont be much different.... not if you are successful!

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