The Devil is in the Details-Questions Sellers Need to Ask Agents

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The Devil is in the Details-Questions Sellers Need to Ask Agents - When sellers are determining who they will have list their property, pricing analysis and commissions are top areas they focus on, also generally asking about the agent and brokerage’s internet presence, and in most cases asking about other types of marketing that will be done to get their home sold and how the agent communicates. However, there are some other questions sellers will want to ask about how the agent and brokerage handle certain aspects of the listing that are critical to their success in getting their home sold.

-         -  Does the agent provide brochures, and possibly a more detailed feature sheet depending on the property, for the home? Buyers many times are viewing a number of properties. Brochures are a good tool for a buyer to have for when they go home to sort through the properties they have viewed so that they can recall the various property features, helping them to weigh the properties with what they desire in the property they purchase. The MLS printout that the buyer’s agent may or may not provide does not in many cases help your property to stand out among the competition.

-         -  How do showings work? Not only is it important for a seller to be flexible in allowing showings and ensuring the property shows well, but what does the agent do to ensure that the property is easy to show and that the agent is accessible to answer questions and handle potential offers?

- If the agent uses a showing service, is the showing service one that the majority of the local area uses so that scheduling is easy for local agents? If an agent has to call multiple showing services, and worse yet, contact an agent directly to schedule, it can complicate ensuring that your property is shown. If your property is the exception in this regard, it makes it difficult to show when there are other properties being shown with other owners to be contacted by independent parties. If an agent has to adjust a showing schedule and your property becomes an additional step in the process, this can be detrimental to making sure your property gets shown


- If a showing service is used, what instructions will be given to the service and how will the showing be setup to ensure the best communication of showings?


- In this day and age with the internet and brokerages not necessarily in the immediate area of the property, sellers need to ask non-local agents they are interviewing about accessing the property, as well as accessing the agent. One important consideration with this is that there are electronic lockboxes being used. If the brokerage’s lockboxes are from a different region than used by agents local to the property, there have to be adequate contact provisions to access the lockbox. This means the agent needs to be immediately accessible to obtain one day codes if necessary. If the agent is not reachable, is there a good back up plan?


- Is the brokerage open on weekends? The brokerage being open on weekends sends the message that the agent and brokerage are sensitive to the realities and challenges of the today’s real estate market and committed to meeting those challenges. Having the brokerage support also helps to ensure that your agent is reached in case of hiccups. Answering services, no matter how efficient they are, generally do not have the same level of understanding of the challenges with showings and the real estate business. 



Your success in selling your home is dependent on execution of details. These questions can make a big difference in how your sales listing experience goes.


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