What Home Inspection Repair Requests Should A Buyer Avoid?

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This is such a great post by Amanda S. Davidson.  There is such a limited supply of homes in Rincon Valley that if a buyer wants to be competitive, they need to use some discretion when asking for repair work to be done by a seller.  In this market it would be very easy for a seller to say "No way" and move on to the next buyer in line.  This post has a great list of items a buyer should use caution when requesting.   What is a reasonable repair request? I'd be careful with any request, however I think it's reasonable to ask for any Sec I repair work.  Why?  Because Sec I is generally do to deferred maintenance which most likely can be attributed directly to the current owner.  Also, it's unlikely your lender will give you a loan on homes with Sec I pest work.  Even so, not asking for repairs will always make your offer stronger.

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What Home Inspection Repair Requests Should A Buyer Avoid?

A common question we receive from buyers is whether or not they should ask for everything that’s listed in their home inspection report. The short answer is no but, what repairs should a buyer avoid asking for? It’s important for buyers purchasing a resale home to remember that the home inspection isn’t an opportunity to ask for upgrades or minor items. Home inspections are the buyer’s opportunity to find out if the home has major structural or mechanical defects and there are only so many repairs sellers are going to be willing to commit too – particularly if it’s a seller’s market.


Home Inspection Repair Requests


Home Inspection Repair Requests To Avoid:

Anything cosmetic – cosmetic defects have no impact on the functionality of the home. Sure, they might be something you don’t think is attractive but, they aren’t items that need attention right away. An example would be power washing a patio or fixing nail pops in a ceiling.


Renovations – if you are asking for a repair that’s based on what you plan on doing to the home, stop, do not pass go, and do not collect $200. A seller is not responsible for changing the home to be perfect for you. A request that’s based around what you want to do to the house is a sure way to put the transaction at risk.


Home Inspection Repair Requests



Old but, functional – this one is my pet peeves. If a system is old (think HVAC, water heater) but, is still functional do not ask a seller to replace it. If the inspector finds it’s in need of repair that’s something you could certainly ask for but, if you’re asking for it to be replaced simply because it’s old you’re not headed in the right direction.


These are just a few items to avoid asking for and not an all-inclusive list. Most importantly rely on your agent for advice. You do not want to work with an agent that just submits whatever you want and doesn’t give you guidance. There’s no standard or written law for what is or isn’t reasonable and current market conditions can impact what you should or shouldn’t ask for. Knowing what’s reasonable to ask for takes experience and if you’re working with an excellent agent they will provide insight on what repairs you should ask the seller to make.



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