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As Zillow continues to reek havoc on our industry, I was wondering WHY any company, who is not a brokerage is allowed to reproduce ANY MLS?

They don't pay board fees, MLS dues or any other association dues. In what other industry can a company who is unaffiliated as a member be allowed access to it's most valuable asset? Our MLS is our most valuable asset. Accessing it is our right, as members of the club. We pay a hefty fee to be members of the club.
Why is this company allowed to swallow us alive??

I realize there is a BOX to check that allows brokers to ALLOW them access. But, truthfully, we HAVE to allow it now, as we will be the ODD MAN OUT if we don't allow it. So, this check box should NOT be allowed at all.

It needs to be a strict rule that NO outside agency or marketing company be allowed to reproduce ANY MLS service, who is NOT a brokerage! Isn't this already a RULE????

Why are we paying SO many fees to belong to NAR, and CAR, and all the MLS's, and NOW we have to pay Zillow too to market OUR listings and ourselves??!! We have let this get WAY out of hand, and it's going to get MUCH worse!

Pressure needs to come from all sources to get NAR to take back our business!

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Sher, That big 800 pound gorilla doesn't charge you to have your profile or to have your listings on their site.  You might not get optimal placement and you might lose the leads as consumers choose one of the other agents advertised on the sidebar, but Z isn't going to go away despite all the agents wishing it would.  What we as agents can do is find the things that portals like Z and R.com and others don't do:  provide local expertise, especially at the niche level.  And personally, knowing what we know about how buyers search for homes, it's not in our sellers best interest to not have our listings where the buyers are.  Bill

Jan 22, 2018 05:17 PM
William Feela
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IMHO, it is the desparate agent looking for a fast way to make a sale.

They are cutting our throats and theirs also

Jan 22, 2018 05:17 PM
SHER Sheldon
LUXRE REALTY - Laguna Niguel, CA

I disagree. I am mostly a buyers agent. I have many clients who have found their own properties on Zillow, and then used me for showing and making offers. It happens time and time again. The general public seems to think that RE agents are overpaid, and generally unecessary. Zillow has taken our most important asset away, and they pay no Realtor fees, and do not pay agents commissions. They have sidestepped our whole business model. If we continue to support Zillow, they will eventually completely ruin our industry.

Feb 16, 2018 11:12 AM