👫How to Choose the Right Tenants for Your Rental Property

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Tenants play a vital role in your success as a property owner!


Choosing the right tenants in San Antonio is paramount to a successful rental business. Selecting a bad tenant can be a costly exercise and this may result in unwanted circumstances such as unpaid rent or damaged property.


You can stop worrying! From one-on-one interviews to checking your prospective tenant’s credit history, we bring you our top 5 most effective steps on how to choose the right tenant for your rental property

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List an online rental listing with expectations


Write a clear description of your property. Include instructions in case a tenant is interested. I recommend that you specify that full disclosure is required regarding credit and background checks. Don’t forget to mention if you also require a rental application.


Set your own list of criteria


Make sure that before interviewing or accepting applicants, you already have your list of criteria. You may consider:


  • If the tenant can afford your rent
  • Rental history
  • If it’s possible to have a cosigner with sufficient income
  • No criminal record
  • Has a great personality
  • Similar lifestyle as yours
  • If he or she is a smoker or non smoker
  • Has pets


Take your time


Don’t rush and accept the first applicant that you receive. Instead, accept a few more rental applications then decide who among the applicants you would be most happy to do business with. This may take a few days.


Meet every prospective tenant


This is a critical step. Always remember that you won’t be able to make any final decision unless you’ve met them all. If you live far away from your property, set an appointment or once we start working together, I can meet them on your behalf. It’s important to know if you’ll have a positive start with the prospective tenant. If you don’t click upon meeting them for the first time, they’re probably not the right choice.


Inform your prospective tenants of deposits


A deposit is always a must since it’s the only way that you can protect your property. It’s an assurance that your apartment or home will be left in good order and if not, you have something to pay for the repairs. Just remember that you also have a legal obligation to put a tenancy deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme.


These are five of the many steps that we can talk about in our meeting. And I’m willing to work great lengths to find the right people for your rental property.


San Antonio Property Management will take care of what you care about!


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