Rural America

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This weekend I took a roadtrip from Portland to Northern Idaho as a chaparone a choral competition for my daughters school.  As I drove for hour upon hour through the Columbia Gorge and Palouse hills of Washington, it occurred to me that there were probabally millions of acres of land that had very little purpose other than as a sanctuary to the wildlife and eco-system the mother nature put there. 

I have been a real estate lender for nearly 24 years and not one bank or mortgage company I have ever worked for would be willing to lend on about 95% of the land I passed on my trip.  That begs the question, where does rural America go for a home loan?  Is this an income opportunity I am missing or is the need so small that it isn't worth exploring?

I don't know the answer yet, but stay tuned because I intend to find out.  Your professional input is definately welcome!








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