Military Educational Benefits

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Military Education Benefits

Learn more than you ever thought when you join the military. Educational opportunities start when you join and continue after discharge.Military educational benefits are becoming more sought after for those who want to get an education but just can't afford it and don't know th eprocess for applying for government funding and loans. More Americans every eyar are choosing the military pathway to their career because it allows them to contibute to the saftey of their country and to achieve the American dream after serving.

Getting an education after the military has many benefits. Some of these benefits include receiving military education while in the service with a variety of subjects while still earning money for being in the military, access to military funded schooling after discharge, better job opportunities upon graduation.

With the current financial situation teetering on the edge, it is essential to getn and education. Those who have not gone on to a higher education institute may be overlooked inthe job market by persons who have a degree. It's usually more difficult to find a reasonable paying job with many possibilities for advancement. 

So What Are The Benefits of a Military Education?

  • Compared to the average student applying to get into college after high school, the people who have joined the military already have 4 years of experience under their belts. While serving, these personnel may even find the vocation of their dreams and have additional access to training before they even start college. Different branches of the military offer different types of educational benefits so it's important to really speak to the recruiters first. Find out what's available for you down the road.
  • This class is getting an education about the benefits of the military educational benefits.Engineering, medical, hospitality, science and environmental vocations are just a few of the options that may be available to you. But if these options are not of interest, there are hundreds of other things you can choose from.
  • One of the main struggles that students face when applying to colleges is the lack of funding and finance. The government has recently done several things to make it harder for students to get loans, and get lower percentage loans as well as many changes in the deductions for students and student loan interest. It’s hard for a regular student, without scholarships, to finance their education and most will come out with $50-$125,000 worth of debt.
  • Another benefit of participating in the military and receiving military educational benefits is that they are already learning in the military before they have been discharged. And they recieve a salary too. This can be pretty enticing for those who just can't get into college without debt for the rest of their lives. If they didn't recieve top grades while in high school, these students won't have access to scholarships and loans. Part of the reason they may not have the best grades may be due to after school activities, jobs and family matters. 

Norwich University offers great educational benefits for military personnel. A good education is vital to earn a decent living these days. If you, a family member or your children are seriously thinking about enlisting so you can take advantage of the military educational benefits, I encourage you to think about it. 

Just know that the time you serve will serve you well upon your discharge. Find out what options are available and start applying for college entrance. Many schools also offer additional funding if you join ROTC or theReserves. So the options are many, but you may need to track them down yourself.

Here in Cheyenne, at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, we have some really great counselors and guides to help you plan your future and set your goals.

I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you who has dedicated your service and your family life to the United States.

As a REALTOR in a military town, I have answers to many of the questions you may have about who you should ask about what and what options there are for military personnel and their families.


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