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12 STEP GUIDE TO BUYING YOUR 1ST HOME - Step 1. Research and Prepare

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Step 1. Research and Prepare.




These days, most of us go to the Internet to find information on any topic that we may have an interest in. This is both good and bad. The quality of the information that we receive is as good as the website that we go to get that information. To this end, it is best to search as locally as possible and then fan out for a deeper/varied prospective.


Consider going to your local real estate associations and reading up on the free articles available. If you are in Baltimore or plan on moving here,      Maryland Realtors is good place to start to get to know Baltimore real estate.


The National Associations of Realtors (NAR) is another great resource but remember that the information sited may not necessary apply to where you currently live.


Another angle to being prepared, is doing so mentally. If you currently rent, you may not be accustomed to or like doing yard, minor repairs, snow removal and other general maintenance. How do you feel about this? As a new homeowner are you willing to do these tasks yourself?



Or will you pay to have someone else do them for you? Really think about these factors as the answers to these questions will influence what type of home you buy and how much you will enjoy living there.




What has also been helpful to some of my past clients is using a notebook or journal throughout the process. Here is a place where you can collect all your thoughts and make notes about what you like and want in your new home.





It would also be a good reference point to help you pick which house you would like to view when the time comes. Some clients have also found it to be a helpful place to record notes when meeting with their Lender, inspector and appraiser. If you would like my free questionnaire to help you start thinking about this, click this link to download it.


After you have done your research and have properly prepared, you are ready for step 2, which is to check your credit score and history.


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