Why use a consultant? I'm funding my project personally

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Why use a consultant? I'm funding my project personally

Mike Young Team of ConsultantsI have a friend who is a LO who was funding their own project construction cost and has been having lots of issues finding a contractor, getting anyone to bid on their project.

Consultants aren't just for FHA 203k, or Fannie Mae - HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage, or VA Renovation loans. We are consultants that have talent to help YOU with any renovation project. The way things are going currently

1) No one has bid the project for a couple of months

2) no scope of work has been defined as yet - every contractor would bid what they thought needed to be done.

3) The owners are pulling their hair out.

What would happen if they hired a consultant who does it by the book.

1) The would have nailed down a scope of work so all contractors bid the same list.

2) This would have happened in a few days to a week.

3) The client would know the cost of the project prior to getting any bids.

4) The consultant would have sent out to a couple or three contractors to bid.

5) The project construction could have started two months ago.

6) The consultant's fee is easily recovered by keeping the contractor's honest. If the contractor bids come in a little high, then share the consultant's number and try to reach middle ground.

7) The consultant already has lost his hair.

If you are doing any kinds of remodeling find a consultant.

If you do need a loan so you can keep your money liquid we have renovation loans up to $3,000,000, of course that isn't an FHA 203k loan.






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