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How to Prepare Your Cohoes NY Homes to Sell Quickly

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Getting your home ready to sell?


Gone are the days when you simply have to post a “For Sale” sign on your front yard.


These days in a highly competitive real estate market where there’s a sea of houses for sale in Cohoes, you need to step up your game and make all the effort to ensure your home stands out.


It’s not just about standing out and being more appealing, it’s also about getting the best price.


Make your buyer fall in love with your home


If you are wondering how to sell your home fast and for top dollar against despite stiff competition, here are the ten things you must do.


1. Engage the service of a great real estate agent.


Skipping the help of a real estate agent seems like a great way of saving thousands of dollars when you are selling your home. But did you know that with the assistance of the right real estate agent, you can sell your home faster and for its best price?


Your real estate agent is your best tool in selling your home. Armed with their knowledge, experience, competence and professionalism, you can easily navigate the challenging waters of your first real estate journey with less stress and hassle.


2. Do the necessary repairs.


No matter how clean and pretty your home looks, if the roof is leaking and water is constantly dripping from the faucet, your home will not sell.


Most buyers prefer homes that are move-in ready. When they see signs of disrepair, it makes them think  there may be other things in the house requiring repair.


Even if you think your home is in perfect condition, try looking at it through the buyer’s eyes. Walk around the front of the property checking the windows, door, roof, sidings, etc for any of disrepair. Check all around the home for any issues that need to be fixed.


3. Upgrade the look of your curb appeal.


Buyers love homes with amazing curb appeal. This is your chance to make an amazing first impression, so they’ll be even more excited to step inside.


To improve your home’s curb appeal, it means taking care of everything that’s easily visible to the buyers when they visit the house.


It’s not enough to put away the toys littering the front yard, you have to make sure that your front yard is nice and appealing. Trimming the bushes and removing weeds are some small tasks that contribute to a better looking yard.


Investing in some seasonal flowers and placing them in window boxes is a great start. The flowers add color and warmth to your front yard, making it look more enticing.


Giving your front porch and door a fresh coat of paint makes the home look more vibrant and well-maintained.

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4. Less is more.


When you’re getting your Cohoes home ready to sell, you want it to look ready to sell.


You can’t do that when all your belongings are on full display. This means you need to move out most of your items and retain only the most important ones, the exact definition of decluttering.


Decluttering is one the most important things you can do to get your home prepped for the market.


Buyers want homes with a bright and spacious feel, and decluttering can help you achieve that.


Your home should look warm, inviting and lived in, but without any clutter scattered about.


5. Deep Clean


Get your house to the next level of attractiveness by deep cleaning. You want your house clean and sparkling. This step is labor intensive, but it’s also very satisfying to see that the surface of every room is super clean.


Buyers can see past home repairs because that’s costly, but they are unforgiving when it comes to cleaning, especially when you don’t have to spend anything to  get it done.


And remember, buyers open cabinet doors, closet and drawers to check how much space they can get, so make sure to clean and organize any belongings inside those drawers.


6.  Remove any personal items.


You’ll be opening your doors to many potential buyers, so make sure that your home is appealing to all. The best way to do this is to depersonalize your home,


Start by giving it a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint. Neutral toned walls look cleaner and present a better canvass to the buyers' imagination.

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Remove any religious, political and personal items  displayed in your home. This includes family photos, memorabilia, refrigerator art, valuables etc.


7. Freshen up the home.


One of the biggest buyer turn-offs are smells. Pet odors, the lingering smell of cooked food, stale smell from the carpet, smells of mold and mildew - these are just some of the things that can make the buyer run away as fast as possible from your home.


Open the windows and doors and air your home out. Fresh air is the best way to make your home smell clean.


8.  Well-lit rooms.


Who doesn’t love bright, airy spaces? Many buyers prefer bright homes with lots of natural sunlight. Not only does it make the home look more welcoming, it is also a great energy saver!


Clean your windows, making sure that light can easily flow into the room.  


Consider replacing your light fixtures and upgrading them to newer, more energy efficient lights.


Remove any dark and heavy drapes and replace it with something nice and neutral.

9. Give it life and warmth by adding some fruits, plants and flowers.


The best way to make a house look more like a home is by placing a bowl of fruits or a vase full of flowers on the kitchen table.


You may also want to consider putting a plant in an empty  bare corner of the living room.

10. Staging.


When you’ve done your best to clean your home, it is time to stage it.


Staging will allow the buyer to see your home’s best strengths. It will downplay any weaknesses.


Get inspiration from interior home design magazines and TV shows.


Your goal is to turn your Cohoes property  into its most appealing version.


If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional stager. They are worth the investment, and your money will come back during the sale.


These steps will boost your home forward in the selling game, and in no time, you’ll find it sold.


Call me now, Dawn McCurdy at 518-785-9900. Let me help you know the insider’s tips and tricks on how to best prepare your home for sale. Let’s make this real estate journey a stress-free one.


In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view How to Prepare Your Cohoes NY Homes to Sell Quickly on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/rU-kANaWLrE

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