Sometimes You Have Got to Say Something

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Last Friday night, I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian.  The movie was entertaining enough, but there were a lot of giggles and snickers as we left the theater.  About fifteen feet in front of me was a young man dragging something on the back of his shoe.  I am sure it was a napkin, but it did have the appearance of  "tp".

People were pointing, and laughing as he obliviously walked the long corridor.

I made a split second decision to dart ahead, and tapped the man on the shoulder as he walked with his female date.  I think I startled them, and quickly whispered with a smile to let them know I was a friend, and not a foe, "you have something on your shoe."

I got out of his way as he quickly turned around.  She giggled.  He tried to act unphased as he thanked me.  I winked and disappeared back into the crowd.

...Sometimes you got to say something.

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Brenda Dugan
Century 21 Heritage Sales, Inc. 770-363-3744 - Powder Springs, GA

I really enjoyed that.  I'm glad you did'nt hold your tongue. 


Brenda Dugan

May 19, 2008 03:23 PM
Joe Virnig
RE/MAX Gold Coast REALTORS, Ventura County, California - Ventura, CA
No Ordinary Joe

That kind of stuff happens.  One day it's a open zipper, the next something else.  It happens to all of us so there is no point in being embarrassed.

May 19, 2008 05:42 PM
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123 Happy Street, LLC - International, IT

Brenda Dugan (Century 21 Heritage Sales, Inc.):  Thank you, Brenda. I appreciate the kindness of strangers, and I appreciate you commenting. ;)

Joe Virnig, "No Ordinary Joe" (RE/MAX Gold Coast REALTORS, Ventura County, California):  You are a hoot.  I like your confidence!  :)

Thank you for commenting!  Continued success to you both!

May 20, 2008 12:34 AM