Benefits of a Power Analyzer for Commercial Building Power

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Poor quality power in a commercial building can be the source of a myriad of problems. Between
voltage sags as swells, over-voltage issues, harmonics, and grounding related problems, businesses can
experience repeated outages and be forced to replace sensitive components and equipment long before
it’s natural end of life.

But this is the route that many maintenance and plant managers find themselves taking. With a lack of
visibility and knowledge into their building’s power issues, these professionals end up treating the
symptoms, while the real problems continue unchecked. The results are unplanned outages while
mechanical and electrical components are swapped out from failures. These fixes are quick but costly,
and they never get to the root of the problem. recently published a great list of power quality issues that can be solved for larger real buildings.

What is needed is a real solution that exposes and addresses the actual issues. Moreover, it would be
helpful if that solution went beyond identifying the problem that was occurring and predicted when
issues might occur.

Benefits of MachineSense Power Quality Analyzer

Eighty percent of issues, such as failed transforms, motor burnout, and blown displays and drives, can be traced back to poor power quality. And 70% of power quality disturbances are caused, not from the
network, but from within the business’s location.

Using the MachineSense Power Quality Analyzer can make it simple to find power issues internal to a
commercial building. Easily installing directly on incoming power lines, it monitors incoming power
conditions and automatically transmits that data to your router for uploading to the cloud.

Once uploaded, MachineSense’s powerful software analyzes the data, locating and diagnosing potential
failures and identifying common line issues. No manual data processing or analysis is required. Instead, the information is processed in the cloud and presented back to you in clear dashboards, available on desktop and mobile devices.

MachineSense goes beyond uncovering existing problems with power quality. Using the system’s
exclusive Crystalball software, users can set up text and email alarms, alerting the recipients you choose of equipment performance anomalies.

It does this using six months of historic and real- time data. Dashboards show the historical data with trend lines for equipment performance.

Using this device, you can address the actual power quality problems within your building yourself,
instead of replacing expensive, sensitive components or hiring a highly-paid consultant to track down

Plus, you can avoid unexpected outages and downtime as you keep ahead of problems thanks to clear analysis of historical data against real-time equipment performance. MachineSense gives you all the information you need at your fingertips.

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