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Mortgage and Lending with i Cantu Media LTD

HELLO -- iTS BEEN A WHILE --  i have been so busy with a ton of projects -- much like you -- and have been away from this site.  But let me tell you what has been going on.

Facebook, and Google have been busy kicking out businesses left and right. The idea here is that they want you to pay for any kind of online presence with paid ads. Its almost impossible to get any kind of attention lately. It's ridiculous. Not to be outdone... Google+, has been up to the same kind of thing by scrapping its local business directory. They have also self sabotaged a great platform for connecting to people in various industries. Its almost anti business.

Meanwhile, I have been connecting businesses to eachother for free through a local search platform. This began after I left the famous.. BNI business group in Birmingham, Michigan. I had to leave due to an illness -- which I won't go into... So I came up with something that still connected me to other businesses and better yet even worked on a local level.

Like you, I didn't want to pay for any ads or go into more interuption marketing and deal with confusing things like funnels and paid traffic etc. My system worked because it was founded on building relationships.  I made it simple. 

Over time I have collected the following --

* Lenders
* Mortage companies
* Real Estate
* Luxury Homes
* Appraisers

and even micro loans and a whole lot more....

If you want to get connected to this free local network you can. Unless you want to waste time sitting in early morning breakfast clubs, bar mixers, and other time wasters. This is something you want to be part of.

I am working outside of the state and in fact my company - as of last wee -- went coast to coast. I am now in Long Island, NY as well as Los Angeles, California.

Even though I do all of that I am still based out of  Novi, Michigan. And on that note I am in the following cities...

* Royal Oak, Michigan
* Ferndale, MI
* Birmigham, MI
* Brighton, MI
* Lake Orion, MI
* West Bloomfield, MI
* Beverly Hills, MI

* Ann Arbor, MI

These are all great cities that feature high end real estate. 

The sign up is simple. I am looking for three cities you would like to get plugged into and three industries you need to connect with.

Get the form here....

ou can fill it out and send it back to my office with a FAX or you can simply do a screen shot of it and send it to my phone


We are also connected with the Entrepreneurs Network of Michigan. We meet every Thursday in Birmingham, MI on Woodward. 

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