Potential Church at Cooper City

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Potential  Church is a Christian church residing in South Florida that has a mission to serve others and help everyone reach the potential that God has given each one of us to succeed and to live happy with peace, and all the love that God gives us each day.

Potential Church focuses on bringing a youthful vibe to the church ambience with beautiful and vibrant worship music, free coffee in the lobby, and excellent church services with pastors that speak about the word of God in an inspiring way, and help teach the people about the many beautiful stories in the bible that are full of valuable lessons that relate to us, and impact us in an enormous way!

Potential Church offers baptism services, holiday services, youth groups, adult groups, worship services, music choirs, and opportunites to volunteer within the church, as well as to join missions to help people in our communities and abroad.

Come out and join us in our worship services at Potential Church at the Cooper City Campus!

Service Times: (Cooper City Campus)

Saturdays: 5:05pm

Sundays: 9:05am, 10:45am, 12:35pm


12401 Stirling Road
Cooper City, FL 33330
Phone: (954) 434-1500

For more information regarding Potential Church and their worhip services/Teachings click link below:



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