For a Successful Open House: 4 Tricks of the Trade

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Since bright, sunny days can’t be counted on for Dorchester open houses scheduled in February, the most common recommendations at this time of year deal with light. Everyone points out how doubly important it is to open the drapes and make sure all lamps and overheads are working. Where necessary, it’s also a good idea to brighten dim corners with higher wattage bulbs.

There are also any number of fine points that homeowners planning Dorchester open houses might not have heard about. Familiarity is a handicap in that respect. Being able to view a property’s rooms with fresh eyes is one of the advantages open house staging professionals bring to the party.
Beyond maximizing the “light and bright” quality that’s so important at this time of year, here some tricks of the trade that stagers and interior designers talk about:

1. Unclutter but don’t overdo. That is, never leave a room totally empty—it actually makes a room look smaller. A companion tip is to give every room a purpose. Showing what is presented as a nondescript “bonus room” runs the risk of losing its value: what’s forgettable is usually also unimportant.

2. Use the golden rule of home staging: The Rule of Three (it could also be called Rule of Five or Seven). Groupings with odd numbers of objects—whether chairs or artwork or accessories—create visually rich spaces that force the eye to explore. An even number of objects imparts a forced, geometric feeling that comes off as less natural. Try experimenting with chairs around a table: you’ll see that it works!

3. Play up a room’s best attribute by positioning accessories. When a room has a natural focal point (it might be a window with a view or an inviting fireplace), place attractive objects where they will direct attention to that area.

4. Place furniture thoughtfully. People scan things from left to right (even rooms as we enter them)—so experts say that placing the tallest piece of furniture in the far left corner makes a room seem larger. If you can’t predict which will be the entry door, just make sure large pieces aren’t right next to a door—if people enter through that one, it will make the room feel much smaller.

Open houses can be terrific events for building awareness when your home is on the market—but it’s only one of many marketing tools I will bring to your campaign.

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