New Domain Name Heartbreak, Maybe

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Last week I decided to change my website, completely.

Here's the changes made:

  • new service provider
  • new domain name to reflect the same branding throughout all sites
  • dot com suffix rather than the less well known dot biz
  • transitioned to a wordpress platform from a hosted website template
  • added security by using the https:// prefix
  • new look and feel

It's taken me five days of working to all hours of the night or late into the next day's morning to build my new website and learn wordpress. Full time effort. Now I'm done and the site is 'LIVE'.

I am now at the mercy of the Google bots to find my new website and restore my ranking in my local market. This may take hours, days, weeks or [gulp] months! 

Now for the bad news to you my faithful readers... Blog posts on activerain that link to my old website will not be working for a time until I go back and fix the links.

Google punishes website that have the same content. So the old one had to be turned off soonest possible. 

It was a change long time in contemplation. I thought of all kinds of temporary features like redirects, transfers, forwarding, advance notice pages. In the end, I decided to go cold turkey and just turn off the old website. 

I'll let you know how worked out.







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