Sell Your Clients on Location

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In selling a home, you know all too well how picky some buyers can be.


That said putting a home on the market means making sure it is actually ready to be on the market. Too many homeowners don’t have their places up to snuff when the time comes to list them. As a result, they can get lower offers or even none at all.


As you prepare to list a client’s home, are you ready for the questions you will get on not only the home, but the location?

Everyday Needs Are Important to Most Homebuyers


In listing your next home for sale, what features will head towards the top of the list?


Among some of the key ones that both new and more experienced agents should remember:


1. Size – It is true that size matters to many potential home-buyers. Whether looking to start a family or one already has one, the last thing many buyers want is a congested place. That said focus on the rooms’ available and size of the home. For example, don’t assume that a single person doesn’t care about space. He or she may work from home and thus want extra space for a nice office or need storage for their home business. Meantime, someone with a child or thinking of starting a family may very well desire extra rooms to grow. Last, some individuals or couples for that matter love to entertain. As such, they may have the inclination to buy a home that has excess space for such events. Unless you find one on their own and few possessions, chances are you need to sell on that the home has room for growth.


2. Outdoors – While some people have a disdain for yard work, many others love having a spacious yard. Given off-street parking can be a hassle, a home with a spacious driveway can be a key selling point. That is especially true when there will be many members with vehicles living in the home. A sizable yard offers the chance to entertain family and friends for cookouts. As important as the space and condition of the inside of the home is, don’t neglect to point out the outdoors.

3. Needs – Last, you’ve no doubt heard about location, location, location. For many home-buyers where they live is more important than the actual size and condition of the home. Some feel as if the home can always be renovated. But can you change the neighborhood and further surroundings? As an example, whether buying the home as a family or a single person, what if one needs immediate medical care. Do they want to have to drive an endless amount of time for help? Don’t always assume that the big hospital in town is the only place one can get the care they need in a pinch. A freestanding emergency room can be exactly what a person is looking for. With an Arlington emergency room, one doesn’t wait for care in an over-crowded hospital. In selling, point out medical care, shopping, banks, food and more are all within an easy drive or even walk.


As you get ready to try and sell your next home, will you locate the right buyer?

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