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If you are residential Real Estate agent or having anything to do with residential Real Estate, you are probably looking for a 9-5.  Is there anyting wrong with that?  absolutely not. 

The question is more of why.  Economy is doing well, interest rates are low, people need to move, meaning for every resale there is a buyer for another home, right?

Builder live in a feast and famine world.  We had 10 years of incredible growth in Real Estate.  As in anythng good, how long can it last?

Case in point, the stock market.  Now here is the concern I have.  The market just lost 3.2% in 2 days.  Although not the worst ever, still enough to give casue for concen.  One analyst I head on a TV program expected a 1,000+ point drop off in the next several months.  Although this may or may not be accurate, the sentiment is not well.  Residential Real Estate, which is most of Americas population wealth, is not doing well.

If you can't invest in the stock market, and you can't make money in Real Estate, what is one to do?  loosing more money is NOT an option.

Your thoughts on this and more is warmly welcomed.


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Jason Ganz
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Jun 22, 2007 04:15 PM
Craig Fialkowski
Realty Elite The Palm Beaches - Palm Beach, FL

It appears that my past predictions came true.  Anyone who has any money left is transfering it into hard assets.  IE: Income producing Real Estate. 

My investors are earning a solid 8%+ after expenses on properties we are buying.  Where can you get 8% returns anywhere else?  Along with tax advantages (depreciation) and future appreciation not taken into account.

The time to buy investment property has been on for some time, and we have a limited amount of time to make a killing before the prices rise again and investors are priced out.

We still have more downside to the Stock Market, as the global recession kicks in.  The majority of the wealthest people in the world made their money in Real Estate.  Everyone has to start somewhere.

Craig Fialkowski

Mar 11, 2009 08:20 AM