Fire and Earthquake Resistant ZNE Luxury IoT Compatible Homes 600k CA

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Fire Resistant, Earthquake Resistant, Zero Net Energy, Luxury, IoT Smart Homes, Millennial Homes From $700s in CA


Fire Resistant, Earthquake Resistant, Zero Net Energy, Luxury, IoT Smart Homes, Millennial Homes, 1200 and 1500 square feet of luxurious 2 and 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, two stories with 2 car garage single family homes that are totally IoT Smart Homes

iMetros a real estate investment, technology, and development firm is launching its state of the art luxurious single family residence that are CA 2020 Zero Net Energy (ZNE) project. Starting in CA, the early ZNE Zero Net Energy home projects will be limited in the number of homes, growing to a community  of  Net Zero, IoT Green Homes.


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Abraham Valentino CEO of iMetros stated “We want to make our IOT Homes standard of the industry while decreasing the need for local expertise and eliminating the site construction and environmental waste by using the latest technologies available. In the era of Space-x, where the man could travel thousands of miles in few seconds, the housing industry shall be able to erect an SFR in days or weeks, not months and years. Using laser precision technology, we can produce framing and all other pieces used in building an SFR that are pre-cut and assembled on site in a matter of days. Using the latest engineering techniques our IOT homes will offer the highest degree of earthquake and fire resistance regardless of geographic locations. Offering different designer packages, homeowners could customize their home according to their taste while we also offer an additional extension of a third bedroom and bath which could accommodate larger families and expansion capabilities for the future.

The best way to relate to our vision is to study how McDonald revolutionized the fast food industry, their burgers taste the same regardless where you buy them, but you may order different toppings.

After our success in CA and NV we plan to take our design globally and help eliminate human housing problems.”

iMetros, plans to market these homes for under $600,000 in northern and southern California.

Valentino invites the industry professional to inquire about iMetros’ products and vision. iMetros is actively searching for land which could be subdivided into about 5,000 sqft lots.

abraham valentino joint venture zne homes

The area must have home prices above $500K. iMetros also is inviting landowners to learn more about joint ventures in its developments. At the time of this article iMetros is in process of filing its PPM (private paper memorandum). For more information contact

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