How does Key Realty's $4,200 work?

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How Does The $4,200 Work?


It's simple. You sell $280,000 in real estate at 3% and we split the commission $4,200 to you and $4,200 to the company. After that, you receive 100% of the commission on the HUD for the rest of your calendar year.


 No Franchise Fees, No Monthly Fees, No Per Transaction Fees, No Technology Fees, and No Surprises!


The commissions are split 50/50 until you have paid the company $4,200. This typically only takes 1 - 2 transactions. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What if I don't sell any homes?


      A. If you do not sell any homes the $4,200 is not paid and does not roll over into next year.


2. Do I really receive 100% after the $4,200 is paid annually?


      A. Yes, you receive 100% of the commission on the HUD. 


3. How can you offer such a small fee?


      A. We run a lean and debt-free operation. With over 800 agents paying $4,200 per year we run a very profitable business model.


4. Does the fee reset every January or each year on the anniversary?


      A. The fee resets every year on your anniversary so you do not have to calculate pro-rated amounts. 


5. Are there any other ways to pay the $4,200?


      A. Yes, you can choose to pay $350 per month and start receiving 100% of the commission on the HUD immediately.


6. Can I switch between the 50/50 option and the $350 a month plan?


      A. Yes, you can switch every year on your anniversary date for the upcoming year to best suit your business.


7. Are there any guarantees that the $4,200 will not increase?


      A. Yes, we guarantee that we will not increase the annual fees except to adjust for inflation. 


8. How do I switch brokerages?


     A. Contact your local support staff by using the contact us page. We have an Easy Transition program to seamlessly migrate agents into our business model. 


9. Are there any other fees?


     A. The only other fee paid to the brokerage is the E & O insurance paid annually each February. It is typically $199 annually.


10.  What if I decide to leave Key?


     A. We have an Easy Exit Program as well. We only want agents who want to work at Key Realty. Agents can leave at any time and take their listings with them without a referral fee. If the $4,200 is not paid, they do not have to pay it. 


As you can see, this is a company built By Agents, With Agents, and For Agents. We are not a discount brokerage fee - we simply shift the profit from the broker to the agents so they can be more successful. Contact us to sit down and learn more about our business model and how "You'll Do Better With Key!"


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