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If you have a website or work for a broker maybe with a website older than 5 years, old listen up. I 'm going to give you some MEGA tips below specifically to land you more listings/buyers by outranking many other competitors at the local level. Best of all no charge. After implementing these tips using your website you will see results in about 23 days or less.

Why you should care? Because you could be sitting on a gold mine and if you use your website properly you can get some major market share, both sellers and buyers.

I used to work for a Real Estate Broker as an agent myself that actually started back in the mid 1990's and to this date with much frustration their website has not changed. I reached out to some of the agents and the BIC there and no luck. You see after the crash in 2006 I pivoted from real estate into online marketing and have since been doing SEO and web development

STEP #1  Go to this free tool on and input your website with a www. in front of it and see your Domain Authority score

your domain name

Domain Authority is really how aged a site is. If it is anywhere near 20 or above hold on to your socks! Follow me here to step 2.  

STEP #2 Go to this 2nd free tool called on and do the same thing (you might have to create an account but it's free.) Use www or http accordingly here if your domain has it.

Trust Flow means how trustworthy your site is based on trustworthy links pointing to your site.

If your Domain Authority is above 15 and Trust Flow above 10 you literally own gold!

Now you should have both your Domain Authority and Trust Flow score. Write them down and save them. They are valuable metrics and can be improved. You don't need to be worried too much about what they mean other than if they are higher the better. For example if I started a real estate site today my Domain Authority and Trust Flow would be 0. It takes time to raise these numbers. More importantly Google uses these two figures along with two more in how you rank in Google for certain keywords. By the way I am not affiliates with none of these sites.

STEP #3 Test this on your local market or any market.

For example, let's say I'm an agent in Charleston, SC I would go to google and type in "Charleston SC real estate" into google or type in "Charleston SC homes for sale"and you will see who ranks in the top then plug in that given website which comes in on the first page into the above tools and you will see their scores respectively. Now you can see who is one page #1 for those keywords buyers use to search for homes.  Most likely it is the big Z or but there are some hacks I will share with you which you can still outrank these sites. Study your competitors and see what content they have. 

If you are still with me that means you care about your business and how both buyers and sellers find you online. So this is the final most crucial component. Feast your eyes upon this Pie Chart below as this is how you dominate your local market. Yes the big Z also.



ranking factor for real estate terms in google

The green part which is about 1/3, you should now have that score from Step 1 and 2. If your Domain Authority is above 15 and Trust Flow above 10, then you own gold. You should be so thankful. Why? This is over 30% of how you can rank for in Google on page 1! You don't need 5-10 years to get those scores. Combined with unqie content, silo architecture and long tail local keywords you are unstoppable! Also I do want to point out thatthere are some SEO experts where their main focus is to buy old expired domains with these high metrics.  Using a brand new domain name will take years to rank in google and outrank the big Z.  Websites domain names do expire so be sure you know when it does so you can keep your site alive! If your site is less than 5 years old, things can still be done but you will have to work much harder by adding more unique and secret keyword content. ( Contact me if you want to know what that secret keyword content is. )

STEP# 4. Head on over to another Tool Called SEMRUSH.COM 

There should be a coupon on google for a 2 week trial if you just search semrush trial. This is an amazing tool. Again I am not affiliated with this company either. Semrush allows you to reverse engineer your website and more importantly your competitors! Simply input in your domain name without the www hit enter and let it work for couple seconds. Secondly on the left side click organic search then scroll down to the bottom and you will see Organic Search Positions. This is what keywords you are ranking for and which position your are in. The third column is the Volume. The volume tells you how many people per month type that keyword in from the first column. Now try a competing website also and see what they are ranking for. Semrush has many advanced filters as well. So get to know this tool. It is a lifesaver! Pay attention to column 11 as this is a trend graph. This is really great as it can tell you what the current demand is doing for a certain keyword in your marketplace. Maybe you see a trend in searches for homes for rent or it could be a trend down in searches for foreclosures. This is a great insight you can use to give you info on what to write about on your blog or site. If you really dig deep you can find relocation opportunities and see where people are trying to move from. Use real estate forum websites and plug them into SEMRUSH to spot some key trends consumers are talking about. There are many youtube tutorials on how to use the advanced features. So invest some time with it. So pick your keywords with some search volume, above 100 is great. Then create SEO optimized articles around these in demand keywords. Depending on how much time you have you can really do a fancy spreadsheet and lay out your site with the keywords and silo.

STEP # 5 Get to work creating new content based on some in demand keywords!

I have recently done some real estate agent website audits and have seen so many articles and blog posts with the main topics like "Market Report for July 2017"  or  "January sales up 30% compared year to year with a spreadsheet" Don't get me wrong these are valuable posts but they are way too overstuffed in every site I audit. Buyer and sellers need to find you first before they will subscribe to your other content.

I run their site through Semrush and they rank for many terms in google that have nothing to do with real estate. Tip: Spy on your competition. Semrush in the organic searches tells you what your competitor is trying to rank for. I write "Trying to Rank for" because you can pick that same topic and it could be about a subdivision and you now write about it but better. If they have a 300 word article, you write a 900 word acticle. If they have a 900 word article with some photos, you write an article with 2000 words, photos and an embedded video. Got the point? Also the longer the keyword the easier for you it will be to rank. You will be surprised how well you can outrank many bigger portal websites as you should. You are the local authority in google's eyes. I hear many people say "Google is the big Gorrilla in the room they will never rank me" or "it takes years upon years to rank my website".  This is such a fallacy I see here.  Not only can you outrank the bigger portals locally, you can dominate! Best of all Super Fast. Not years or months even.

Step # 6 Create a Structured Website and Feed it with supporting posts and articles.

Do you know how Amazon started back in 1994? They had no authority and 0 trust flow! They had a niche. Their niche was books. What did they do? They structured Amazon as a silo. Website silo architecture is deployed by some of the authoritative websites online from Wikipedia, to Amazon to many news sites. Amazon made thousans and thousands of pages with conent about books supporting their niche topic. Take a look at Wikipedia and how the architecture and categories are structured optimally. Once you create optimal site architecture on your own site you will see a boost in rakings for critical keyords with no backlinks. This is where almost all SEO battles are lost, on the site architecture alone! Study it and see how they organized it as well. Keep in mind you have a jump start. You most likely have an aged domain with some trust flow and authority! So get siloing! A  properly siloed website is a method of grouping related content together to establish the website's keyword-based topical areas. In a nutshell it is creating organized content to feed. Antoher example how you can tell if you have a poper silo structure is look at your permalink structure.  Let's say my domain name is and I want to rank for chicago homes for sale. I would structure my site so that any listing in Chicago is supporting my main topical home page. A listing page would look like this. Do you see the permalink structure? Versus If this is just over your head or you need help with fixing  your site architecture contact me directly by messaging me here.  Most likely you have a domain name with your county or city you are in. This is one of the reasons you are the Gorilla in the room! Yes you can outrank locally because you are local, real estate is local and more importantly you are an authority! Best of all you don't need time to rank. Especially if you have an aged domain wih some trust flow and domain auhority. Some of you agents maybe work for a bigger company. Where your agency domain is or some generic term. This is huge also because most likely it is a well esablished firm with superior domain authority well above 20. Ask the BIC if you can get a blog started with your niche city. In other words your site would be or another option is to piggy back off their blog. Write a blog or article using some of the keywords mentioned here using Semrush tools.

Did you know you can silo a youtube channel? You can silo any website and organize it to rank better in google. Why should you? Take a look at the big real estate portal websites. How does their silo look like? For example if I type into google Chicago home for sale. See who comes up organically and analyze their supporting silo pages. Most likely they have thousands of internal listings with Chicago homes for sale. But you are the local expert and as mentioned earlier if you have a domain with that county or city you have an advantage over any big portal! Just make sure each of those supporting listing pages with individual homes for sale point back to the main page and update it once in a while.

#7 The Secret Sauce to Seal the Deal and Future proof your Website

Did you know technology is I mean too fast sometimes. You see SEO and websites are changing. Algorithms are changing. Google has advanced now with AI technology. Future home searches are going into voice recognition with SIRI and all types of Voice searches and devices like Alexa, Echo dot, google home and so on. With the new google algorithm changes and to combat their AI there are other AI's to help. :) You see I have been doing SEO and online marketing since about 2008 full time and I learned a lot but mostly from failures. But recently I am working with some amazing developments in the SEO AI field and I have seen some amazing results from testing it.  If you are struggling to rank and have a somewhat aged website with some authority and content. Then struggle no more! Let me put it this way. If you have a website with a Domain Authority of 20 and Trust Flow above 12. I will buy it from you if you are not using it. As long as it not some trademarked name or registered company name, because to me this is GOLD.  I will take that domain, create some content then plug it into my AI and either provide leads to agents or resell that site. If you currently have a blogsite or real estate site, please do reach out to me. You probably already have some posts written. This AI development will tell you what you need to add to your post. Not change your post but more of like a score. Then it re-analyzes, future proofs it so it has the best content. Maybe you need to focus content writing on other keyword topics. Maybe you have no idea on where to start or you've run out of writing. Let me know either way. I will gladly help. Finally I would like to add, take for example the Amazon example above or any membership site you are a member of. Take note and implement it on your site. Some agents I talk with say "Peter ,I have run out of things to write about in my little town". Have the users create the content for you. How? Well on your blog or posts of course. Encourage them to write or comment below your artice. Maybe offer them an incentive. How about a community forum on your site?  Concentrate your keyword efforts on subdivisions/communities. There is less traffic but a lot of the leads convert directly to clients as they are more serious, not just lookyloos. Visit and get some local ideas there. There is a plethora of wordpress plugins or addons you can do to your site to make it whereby users create the content for you. Do you know the site city data? They are huge now.  How about them boring static idx page feeds you get. Add to them, make them unique and robust with more features so buyers stay at your site longer. Buyers and Sellers want to know that you can help them solve their problem by selling or buying a home. They want to know Why they should use you and they want a great expperience. Amazon has customer reviews as their customer generated content....What will you have as user generated content? Think outside the box here. Why do you think Zillow has a higher Domain Authority and higher Trust Flow score than ? Simple, the generated content from its unique users. Inspectors can be a guest author. The more people visit your site and leave something in return like a comment on your blog post the better. The users will share your website on social media and with friends thereby creating a snowball of referrals for you!

Summary and Final Tips

On a final note be sure your site is secured with a https certificate to protect it from evildoers. Hackers are getting advanced and can come into your site change and steal your data. Also the site will rank better as a result in all search engines and you won't get that red x sometimes you get when you are on mobile devices. I haven't talked too much about backlinks because once you have created great content, the people will share it themselves naturally creating backlinks for you. You want a naturally created backlink profile. One thing I will mention as a bonus tip is use Google Properties more. I am sure you have a google account so head over to google drive. Google properties are google docs, google word, google slides, google pdf, google spreadsheets. Use these more and embed your site link in these and watch your ranking and trust flow go through the roof. Google just loves itself, so use it to your advantage. Thanks for reading and share if you like!


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Jay Mandal
East Windsor, NJ

Step 4 please!

Feb 15, 2018 10:20 AM #5
Nicole Lentere
NicoleLStagingWorks - Dunlap, CA

Ok I knew about the unique content but what else is needed not sure what silo is...

Feb 15, 2018 10:31 AM #6
Tom Melldridge
FlatFeeBrokerGA - Barwick, GA
Land Sales Pro

I thought backlinks were king here when it comes to ranking

Feb 15, 2018 10:43 AM #7
Helen Fields
SouthernVisionsRE - Ladson, SC
The Home is Where the Heart is

I could use all the tips here. Finish the post please

Feb 15, 2018 10:55 AM #8
Dario Ferreira
Attleboro, MA
Internet Marketing

Unfortunately these days it is almost impossible to rank in the top 5 for terms like "<city> homes for sale", or "<city> real estate". Basically, it's a waste of time and resources to even try.

The only chance one has against the big portals, is to target medium to long tail terms.

Think, "<city> homes for sale with <specific feature>", "<style of home> for sale in <city>", "<city> homes for sale in <specific area>", "<city> homes for sale in <school district>", etc.

Feb 15, 2018 02:04 PM #9
Ginger Harper
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage - Southport, NC
Your Southport~Oak Island Agent~Brunswick County!

I hate to admit...but mine is 4 years old.  Think I need an update

Feb 16, 2018 04:40 PM #10
Tim Maitski
Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage - Atlanta, GA
Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal

Good stuff.  I'd love to know more.

Feb 16, 2018 05:22 PM #11
Dorie Dillard CRS GRI ABR
Coldwell Banker United Realtors® ~ 512.750.6899 - Austin, TX
Serving Buyers & Sellers in NW Austin Real Estate

Good morning Peter Mark ,

Wow..what a fantastic post! I'm going to make time to check this out and just subscribed to your blog. I'm headed out to show property and am determined to make my little grandsons flag football game!

Feb 17, 2018 06:01 AM #12
John Wiley
Fort Myers, FL
Lee County, FL, ECO Broker, GRI, SRES,GREEN,PSA

You have enlightened me on some new tools.

I will have to take some time to see where I am.

Feb 17, 2018 08:25 AM #13
Dale Taylor
Re/Max 10 New Lenox Illinois - Frankfort, IL
Realtor = Chicago Illinois Homes Townhomes Condos

Very thorough. Thanks

Feb 17, 2018 09:03 AM #14
Property Valuation Construction Home Tips
PeterMarkSEO - Holiday, FL
Full Time SEO, Local GMB Expert

Guys use activerain with my AI to piggybank for a local keyword like "things to do in blank" blank meaning your city! Domain Authority is 68 help! 

Feb 17, 2018 02:11 PM #15
Laura Filip
Laura Filip Broker , Opening doors for All Seasons of Life - Whitesboro, TX
What can we do for you today?

Very interesting read... page authority is 15 domain authority is 13 trust flow is 13 

Have had the domain for a long time. more than 10 years ... changed providers for site several times. Very hard to find a web site provider to host a site that is worth using that does not cost an arm and a leg. 

So what is next with this adventure.

Feb 17, 2018 02:12 PM #16
David Wright
Benchmark Realty, LLC - Brentwood, TN
Real Estate Refined

Awesome article . Thank you for posting this detailed information. It's a lot to absorb and comprehend.

Peter, thanks again for reviewing my blog posts too! I will be working on those shortly.

Feb 17, 2018 11:09 PM #17
Jerry Lucas
ABC Legal Docs LLC - Colorado Springs, CO
Mobile Notary Colorado Springs, CO Notary Training

Good, useful information. Suggestion: break up the very long paragraphs into shorter sections with headings for easier reading.

Feb 21, 2018 06:35 AM #18
Phil Lough
PhotographyWorksStudio - Burr Ridge, IL
We do VR Photography

Great post! Bookmarking this

Mar 06, 2018 09:11 AM #19
. .
Holiday, FL
Marketing for Realtors

Every real estate company should read this and take action

Mar 06, 2018 09:30 AM #21
John Allenbrien
Weichert - Raleigh, NC

Good read bookmarked it

Mar 15, 2018 03:01 AM #22
Daniel Favor
KW - Northbrook, IL

So it really comes down to the content performance on a page in your niche market. If you have a site in a local marketplace by creating more rich content than you can get in that coveted spot in google Peter Mark. Care to elaborate more on the Google Properties more like how to use the google docs, google word, google slides, google pdf, google spreadsheets. Use these more and embed your site link in these and watch your ranking and trust flow go through the roof. Google just loves itself, so use it to your advantage . 

Mar 15, 2018 05:09 AM #23
Jeff Dowler, CRS
eXp Realty of California - Carlsbad, CA
The Southern California Relocation Dude

Wow, great stuff here, Peter. I missed this the first time around but foudn it from a post by Kathleen Daniels . Need to check out my WP blog.


May 19, 2018 04:11 PM #25
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