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Staging 103- No Tricks - Just Tips


I've been asked on occasion, "Isn't staging a home just a TRICK to get a Buyer to buy their home? You know like the Chevy Chase movie.... "Funny Farm" when he was having a hard time selling their house so they hired everyone in town to pretend it was a quaint New England community around Christmas time; all dressed up - caroling, ice skating and having fun". They even decorated their house so over the top entice the buyer to fall in love with their home so they'd buy it... Clearly a Trick, not a Tip I would recommend. 

Here are a few of my Favorite Staging Tips

 library 10 echo park Warwick MA

  • De-clutter - minimize- minimize- minimize
  • Pack away all items you wont be using in the next 3 months. Prepare to move 
  • Throw away, donate and give away items you don't need or want before you put your house on the market. It makes the house easier to see and it will make your move easier.
  • Pack away personal photos. Buyers need to picture themselves in the home. 
  • Deep clean - Make the house shine inside an out.
  • Wash windows inside and out.
  • Remove heavy curtains. Replace with light sheer curtains.
  • Add Plants. It soften a home and makes it feel welcoming and comfortable.


28 Old Albany Rd Greenfield MA


  • Create a focal point on the far wall, place furniture in angle to face into it. 
  • On tables.. 3 is the magic number for items - in various sizes... NO MORE. It begins to clutter and distract
  • If you have a fireplace, have it on for the photo's. Wood fireplaces: place a few birch logs on the grate.




                KITCHENkitchen 246 N Main St New Salem MA

  • Place a RED item in the corner on the counter.      It draws your eye into the corner.
  • Take as much off the counters as possible.        Show the counter tops. Buyers want to see counter space.
  • Go through cabinets and closets. Throw away old items. Organize. Show as much space as you can.
  • Put away dishes, sponges, towel and dish drainers. Sink should be clean and dry. It should shine.
  • Put trash can out of sight. If visible, it should be empty and clean.
  • Sorry frig art. Pack it away. Refrigerators should be free of all items. Clutter is distracting.                                                                                      

Bedroom118 Linseed Rd, Hatfield                BEDROOMS

  • The bed should be the focal point. Preferably facing entrance or on the side wall facing middle.
  • Use a colorful, but not too loud bedspread and accent pillows.
  • Downsize furniture the best you can. Just need a bed, end table and a dresser. An additional chair or hope chest is fine.
  • Dressers should have just a few items and or light. 
  • Remove all jewelery and important personal items.
  • Remove children's names and family names on walls, dressers and throughout the house. Very important! 

bathroom 118 linseed Rd Hatfield


  • Make it shine. 
  • Remove personal items on the sink. It should have only 3 items on it,  if any.
  • Accent with color on towels and shower curtain.
  • Toilet seats down ALWAYS.
  • Trash buckets should be empty.
  • Remove any rugs on the floor. It makes the room look smaller than it is.
  • Organize linen and medicine closets. Make neat. Remove excess.

Basement 14 James Ave Turners Falls MA


  • If not finished, Do your best to make it as empty as possible.
  • Items should be packed away in bins.
  • Remove cobwebs. No scary basements allowed :)
  • Clean floors, walls and heating unit.... yes, heating unit (they tend to collect dust and grime over time).
  • If the laundry is in the basement, make it as clean and orderly as possible. 


14 James St Turners Falls MA



  • This is quite often a CLUTTER catch-all.                 Do your best to hoe out all the excess "stuff". 
  • Make it as neat and organize as possible.
  • If you need a place to store items for your move, stack boxes and bins neatly.





4 Brookside Ave Greenfield MA

It's the buyers first impression.  We call it "Curb Appeal" Very important!

It can make of break a buyers decision whether to go inside.

  • The front entrance must sparkle. The approach sets the stage. 
  • A clean and groomed exterior and grounds attract more buyers who are more likely to want to come inside and fall in love with your home <3



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