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As the morning routine kicks in and jamming out to some Joan Jett (I hate myself for loving you....), the mental juices start flowing...


Have you thought about making an incredible offer for those customers that are having issues trying to finance the purchase of a home? Instead of looking at this from a 2 dimensional perspective, open your mind to the 4th dimensional perspective.


***Disclaimer*** Please abide by the rules and regs in your area.


A customer contacts you to purchase a home, you do the proper interview, send them to get a pre-qual, and BOOM, unqualified for lack of funds, etc... What's next?


How can we make this happen? It takes two...

Sometimes there are circumstances that can hinder home-ownership, but with a little team work, and trust, we can make it happen.A single family home can accommodate two families if done correctly. 


Who do they trust that is also willing to own a home? Ensure both parties understand the terms of the agreement...example...


John is living with his family in a 2 bedroom rental that is $900.00 a month, and wants to move his family into a home. He is unable to afford to buy the single family home in Philadelphia. John also has a friend that is willing to move, and is looking for a change due to paying $800.00 a month in rent. That is a combined $1,700.00 per month.


Now, for example sake, the monthly mortgage for a house is $1,200, and split in half is $600.00; a savings of $300.00 for John, and $200.00 for his friend. When entering into this agreement, a contract is signed for 5 years, at which time either party can buy the other out, or sell at market value.


Here is the math after 5 years of responsible savings:


John $300.00 x 60 months = $18,000


John's Friend $200.00 x 60 months = $12,000


I hope this example helps with your home-buying process, and opens opportunities for everyone.


Carpe Diem!!!! Attitude Reflects Leadership!!!

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Peter B. Lavelle

"Marketing Your Home for All It Is Worth"



 Real estate is a people business and you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, as well as having an agent that will "Do the right thing ALL the time, EVERYTIME."

I believe in challenging the status quo by being different, being original, leading the way, and understanding that attitude reflects leadership.

As a mentor to many youth in our area, I build my business to help them in their path and journey to being leaders in their own right. Please join me in helping to provide for them their path to success.


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