Construction Site Security Strategies for 2018

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Technology, Strategy, and Costs

In this article, we will talk about some of the new high-tech ways to protect your construction site from theft or other types of capital loss. Outdoor job sites or construction projects left unattended can be a very costly mistake. With that in mind, we want to be able to secure our materials and equipment from anyone who may be a potential thief or hindrance in the progress of the project. Radius Security recently published a helpful surveillance guide for 2018.

Losses as a result of weather are materialistic or equipment-based. This can cause costly delays and replacements that get in the way of progress. Making sure to lock up or protect materials in a weather-proof storage area is a wonderful way to avoid this.

But what about thievery? One of the most common of materials we have seen stolen from job sites is copper, among other recyclable metals. Other items frequently taken include equipment and power tools that can be sold for approximately half of the price of the original purchase value.

The first type of strategy for security that we are going to talk about is called Geofencing. GPS tracking goes hand-in-hand with this. This type of technology allows you to receive some type of alert, whether it be email or text message, the moment a piece of equipment is moved off of the job site or an engine starts around the workplace during non-work hours.

This is highly effective for regulating theft and misuse of both equipment and materials. Geofencing allows you to create your own perimeters and specifications where things cannot be moved away. This is one of the more expensive techniques used to prevent loss from outdoor job sites, as well as indoor, but the security cannot be beaten.

The next security technique we will mention that you may choose to use on your indoor or outdoor job site is the use of security cameras. Well-placed and high-visibility cameras offer not only the sight of the equipment, materials, and individuals in question they also offer a high level of deterrence when spotted by potential looters.

When people see security cameras that have been strategically-placed they are 50% less likely to try to take anything from the job site in question. Security cameras can be one of the more cost-effective ways to secure your construction project.

This is due to the fact that they can be taken down and placed on different job sites as they are needed. Security guards are helpful, and can respond to instrusion, but they are not as effective as 24/7 video camera technology.

One of the most innovative products of modern technology is the keyless ignition transponder chip key that many high-end manufacturers are adding to equipment to ensure safety from theft. Most manufacture designer ignition keys to be the exact same for each piece of equipment. Using a chip transponder key allows for a much higher level of security on both locks and ignition systems.

In conclusion, it is up to you to decide what level of protection you need for your security needs. This can be based on your budget and how much you have to protect located on the construction job site.

These are some of the newest ways we see technology impacting construction job site security. Some are, of course, more expensive than the older techniques of securing a job site but are far more effective in the long run by saving you money, hassle, and time.

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