Florida Flat fee MLS Listing Market Update from Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage®

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Open letter to Florida home sellers considering listing flat fee in the MLS

This letter was sent to all Florida flat fee MLS listings of ADDvantage® on May 19, 2008

Written as Florida Flat fee MLS Listing Market Update by Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage®

 May 2008

The Florida real estate market continues to improve with as many as 70 calls coming into ADDvantage® each day. The composition of these calls is primarily Realtors® requesting showing instructions and the balance is un-represented buyers and sales calls for our flat fee business.

I am extremely excited about the recent surge of activity on properties listed through our ADDvantage PlusTM program. Over the last two weeks, I have successfully negotiated five contracts for Plus clients.

There are four important aspects that give Plus sellers an advantage which are:

Agent Assure®, Contract-to-close representation, metal sign (our number) and the Exclusive Right of Sale Listing agreement (not Excusive Agency as is the case with our $349 MLS ADDvantageTM plan.)

The innovation that supports the success of the ADDvantage PlusTM plan has to do with Realtors® and how they perceive the flat fee industry. Since 1912, Realtors® have only known the traditional 6% commission structure. Now they have competition. The general perception is that flat fee brokers are taking a piece of their pie.

Florida Realtors® do sell 85% of homes so it would be in most sellers' best interest to attract as many Realtors® as possible.

I would like to bring to your attention the 4 reasons why this program works so well.

Agent Assure®....Realtors want to speak to other Realtors

Our professional staff will answer all calls on your behalf from 8:00 am -8:00 pm 7 days a week and call you to confirm appointments with Realtors® or un-represented buyers. You'll receive an email confirmation as back-up. It's more professional and makes the selling process more pleasant.

Our ADDvantage® Metal Sign is more important than you may think.

This week we have been very busy with new listings but only 1 out of 6 of these new sellers ordered an ADDvantage® metal sign.

It's all about presentation and as a Florida MLS broker for 25 years I know how Realtors® think. They do not like FSBO (red/white) signs because it sends two messages that are not in the best interest of the seller. One, they fear their buyer will read the sign and call the seller directly; and two, if they're on the ball, they will immediately know you are flat fee listed. Our sign is professional, whether it has your number on it or ours. The total cost of a custom ADDvantage® metal sign is $39.98 which includes shipping. 

ADDvantage PlusTM

ADDvantage PlusTM contract representation costs $799 and $500 at close. It is the best value going in real estate today. And, because you have already paid for your basic listing, you can upgrade now to ADDvantage PlusTM for just $450. It extends your listing out to 1 year from your start date, it gives you Agent Assure®, our custom metal sign (you pay $14.99 shipping) and your listing is changed in the MLS to an Exclusive Right of Sale Listing.

Keeping with the theme of making the best impression, when I handle a deal it goes better. Listen to what an ADDvantage PlusTM client had to say:

The ADDvantage team was terrific to work with; friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and ALWAYS available!! I am thankful that I moved up to ADDvantage Plus - Keith was with me every step of the way through my closing and made the entire process painless!! I saved a great deal of money in commission and always felt like I had an expert in my corner. A great many thanks to Leiren, Erin, and Keith!

T. Hogan

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Listed 3/5/08 - closed 4/30/08

ADDvantage PlusTM is the best flat fee listing possible because "Plus" listings look and act like a full-service listing. This way, Realtors® speak only with ADDvantage® the entire way through the scheduling and offer process. ADDvantage PlusTM works perfectly to get more Realtors® showings because they can't shun or penalize a flat fee seller because Agent Assure® gives you complete privacy and a ADDvantage PlusTM listings are inputted into the MLS as Exclusive Right of Sale Listings*, the same as full-service...not as "Exclusive Agency" (Realtors® can see this distinction in the MLS). As well, some Realtors® don't particularly care to work directly with sellers.

You'll get more showings, have less stress and possibly get more for your sale.

* Even though ADDvantage PlusTM uses an Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement, you can still sell your home yourself and pay no commission. You'll just owe $500 at close, when you close.

Upgrade now just $450 (plus $500 at close)

In closing, I hope you will consider the switch into ADDvantage PlusTM. I believe it is in the best interest of every seller.  Call me if you have any questions. (877) 232-9695


Keith Gordon,

Broker/contract negotiator

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