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Ouch!  With the state of the foreclosure and short sale market, while predatory lenders have been held at bay, unfortunately we now have predatory "investors" who are scamming folks who are in need of assistance, promising them they will help them save their home, when in fact they are stealing their equity or their ownership right out from under them.  Remember the moto, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is"?  It's a good one to think about when learning about options to foreclosure.  There are many folks out there who are quickly becoming prey to these so-called investors and who really need help exploring their options.  Even though their options are not generally what they want to hear, it's best to know the truth.  There ARE options for folks facing foreclosure, and depending on their own situation, the options differ from one seller to the next.  My advice?  Get the answers from an attorney or a reputable agency, a foreclosure hotline, and stay clear of predators who are out hunting their prey. 

Debbie Summers
Charles Rutenberg Realty - New Smyrna Beach, FL

Welcome to AR... You are off to a great start!  So glad to see another RE/MAX agent enter the rain.

Jun 26, 2008 11:43 PM