Santa Rosa Hard Money Land Loans

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We can help with various types of hard money loans throughout the state of California.  We specialize in private money financing, and work with various private indivisuals, groups and funds.  Often times these sources have specific niche funding available.  Today we were informed of such a situation.  A private group we work with has expressed interest and liquidity to fund Santa Rosa hard money land loans.  Specifically, Fountaingrove lots that were impacted by the fires.

We have access to liquid funds for these lot loans.  Typically speaking, our hard money land loans are going to be priced in the 10-12% range, but for this specific niche the investment group is looking at offering rates in the high single digits up to 40% loan to value.  The loans would be interest only.

For those impacted by the fires and in need of financing, this is an option worth exploring.  While bank rates likely are lower, for private money land loans these are pretty attractive rates.  In addition, funding with private money is typically swift and less paperwork intensive than bank fundings.  If bank financing is not an option, we are here to help.

Even though we were contacted specifically about the Fountaingrove lots, we can also help with other lot and land loans in the Santa Rosa area - as well as throughout the state of California.  Whether the land is raw land or shovel ready with permits in hand, we have options for financing if and when the banks say no.  In addition to land loans, we can also help with construction, construction completion and even rehab loans.

If you are in need of financing for land, give us a call to discuss the options we can provide.  877 462 3422.  You can also learn more at our website about our California hard money loan programs.

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