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Staging Your Home For Sale


If you are going to be putting a home for sale then you should spend a bit of time thinking about how you are going to showcase all of the beauty and different features that your specific home has to offer. There are some well known tips and tricks for staging your home that many real estate professionals and home stagers know about. At the end of the day you want to accentuate certain things about a home that you are selling.



The Lighting Is Important


Whether you are taking professional real estate photos of a home to post online for viewing purposes or you are going to be holding an in-person viewing or open house, lighting is everything. If a house appears to be dark and gloomy, it isn’t very inviting and people will catch on to that right away. A home with lots of natural light and plenty of windows are highly desirable. Open up all of the curtains and blinds, turn on lights and allow all the light you can get into the home to shine.


Fresh Air


This is more relevant if you are going to be showing a house since you don’t get the feel of fresh air from an online listing. If you have one potential buyer coming to view the property or you are going to be holding an open house for the day, open up those windows and doors and let the fresh air in.


Organize Furniture Properly


When people move into a home they will spend a bit of time focusing on where they are going to put furniture and what types of pieces will work well for their new layout. When you are going to have people coming and going during the sale process, you may want to move some furniture around to make hallways and walkways a bit easier to move through. You may even want to move some tables or other furniture completely out of the home for the time being to really open up the space and make it look for navigable.


Put Away The Personal Photos And Items


A person shopping for a home sometimes likes to know what type of people were living there beforehand as a way to know if a home was well taken care of. However, people also like to picture a home as their own when they are shopping and if there are family photos and various personable items lying around everywhere, it can be hard to do this. Think of this as a head start on moving. Pack away any personal items that could make a home seem like it is somebody else’s.


A Thorough Cleaning Is Beneficial


This cleaning job should be even better than a thorough spring cleaning. Everything should be wiped down, items should be put away and beds should be made. Also, make sure to wipe out window and door tracks, wipe down blinds, clean the refrigerator and also keep cabinets organized.


People will open cabinets, closets and other storage areas to see what type of space they are working with. These items might not be staying with the house as they are moving with the seller, but a lot of clutter inside of these areas will make it look as though there isn’t sufficient space for storage and this can turn people off.


Needless to say, there are people who study home staging and many professional home stagers out there -- but these basic tips will put you on the right path.


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Aug 13, 2020 05:51 PM