Is your foundation crumbling?

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If you live in Massachusetts or Conneticut have you heard your foundations are crumbling?  That's right!!!  Homes built between 1983 and 2017 are at risk of faulting cement and the basements are failing.  

The mineral pyrrhotite must be present to result in the foundation to deteriorate in the way observed. The naturally occurring pyrrhotite reacts with oxygen and water over time in a chemical process that makes the concrete swell, crack and crumble. It takes 10, 15 or even 20 years for the cracking and swelling to become apparent. Many fear Massachusetts is only at the cusp of the problem.


crumbling concrete

The minimum amount of pyrrhotite needed to trigger deterioration is not yet known.

Becker’s Quarry, the main source of concrete aggregate for JJ Mottes, includes more than trace amounts of pyrrhotite, and is located on a vein of rock that contains significant amounts of pyrrhotite.


If you live in Conneticut and you think you have a foundation problem click here for more information.


If you live in Massachusetts and you think your foundation is effected click here.  Senator Ann Gobi is trying to track the problem.

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