Tips: Meth Pitfalls and the Need for a Standard

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I've learned a few things about meth testing and there are some things people need to be careful of.  I'm a property manager in Utah and I've talked extensively with my attorney about Meth.  One major pit fall people get stuck in all the time is if you have a need to get a place inspected make sure you tell the inspecting company that you don't expect them to find anything wrong and if they do you will not be hiring them to clean it up.  You will only pay them for the inspection.  Inspectors have been known to report their "negative findings" to the state immediately.  That way the state is on your back to get it cleaned up and the inspector is standing there ready to clean it up for a very hefty fee.  You will also find that they will be more honest in their reports if they know they will not be hired for the job of cleaning it up. - Some have a very hard time being honest if they think they will get clean up work out of it.

The other problem is there is no science involved to determine what is and is not safe levels of Meth.  Each state is different and nobody even knows at what point Meth contamination is dangerous.  In Utah, as in most states the rules are so ridiculous that if someone had sat on a couch where meth had been smoked, then they got up and came over to your house and sat on your couch you would probably fail a meth test and your place would need to be decontaminated, it is ridiculous.  I think at those levels we have all been exposed to Meth and when we are talking about thousands of dollars to decontaminate a place the states needs to be sure it is necessary before requiring it of someone.

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Jeff Stinson

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