The Park At Creek Bend - MileStone

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Some of the Stone Canyon residents meet with the developers of the new Milestone development located at 1500 Creekbend on February 26th, 2018 to discuss the project. Copy of handout given to the residents


These are some of the key points that the developer went over wiht the residents.


* Caves where found and this will impact a large amount of green space in the community - mainly off of Creekbend.

* No amenity center or pool. 

* The zoning of SF3 allows for certain building restrictions within the area, including 40, 50 and 60 foot lots. 

* Plans are inplace for trail access connected to the Brushy Creek Trail.

* The houses as similar to Park at Brushy Creek off of Brushy Creek Road. 2000-3500sf ranging from low to mid 400's. 

*  90-130 home sites. 

* Round Rock utilities

* The have applied for annexation into City of Round Rock. 

* They are still trying to purchase more of the ajoining land.

* Construction is expected to begin Sept. 2018, if all goes well with the purchase, annexation, utilities, etc. 


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