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The Seneca County Soil & Water Conservation District does an outstanding service to the community with their annual Tree & Shrub (seedling) sale every spring.  This program is ideal for the brown-thumb or nervous gardener who wants to experiment but can't afford it due to high fatality rates wihin their personal garden domain.  It's also very good for the grower who IS astute and wants to expand but is hampered by the costs of more mature plantings, and has a little time to work with.

The trees and shrubs you will get with this program will be the most common varieties, and very young stock.  But they are hardy and will take off under the right conditions.  I have had some great success with the lilacs, blackberries, and raspberries!  I had a big tale of WOE as well, when all of the beautiful young red bush that I planted were mowed down by a rogue neighborhood deer in their 3rd year, when they were about to bloom, and were at that perfect nose-high-to-a-deer height.  

I love the experience of growing things, even if not every attempt succeeds.  Currently I have 75 blueberry bushes planted on my future farm and home site in Covert, and will continue to nurture and add to that stand, toward a future goal of opening my U-pick farm there when the bushes are mature enough.  Those did NOT come from this Tree & Shrub program but were ordered from a specialty fruit tree grower, as the planting needed a certain age and diversity of root stock to do well.  So now you know ONE of my secret ambitions.  Embedded within this Realtor is a budding berry farmer!  

If you need resources for a similar idea in my area, I would be happy to speak with you!  And if you just need help with a purchase or sale this year, that's my specialty and we can do that too!  In the meantime, please avail yourselves of this amazing Tree & Shrub seedling program, and get your order in by MARCH 9th for best results!  Here's your link:  http://senecacountyswcd.org/seedling-sale/

This has been another edition of THE SHORT REPORT by SANTOS!

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