Retiring in Vero Beach FL - Everything You Need to Know

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Getting ready to retire?


After years in the career force, you've now reached the time where you have the freedom to do the things you want. Have you planned what to do and where to spend your retirement years?


Thinking about your upcoming free time can be scary! Sure, you may have a few ideas of what to do, and people and places to visit, but when all that's over, you'll find yourself bored and wanting to do something new.


Your retirement years should be a time for you to enjoy, relax, mingle with old friends, gain new friendship, and perhaps learn a new skill.


It is the best time to take care of yourself physically!


It is also the time to experience a life free of stress and be in a supportive community where your needs are met and taken care of. And there's no better place to enjoy all that than in Vero Beach FL.

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1. What is a retirement community?

2. Kinds of senior housing

3. When to move to a senior residence?

4. Vero Beach Facts

5. Why retire in Vero Beach?

6. Benefits of retiring in Vero Beach

7. The Retirement Communities


What is a retirement community?


Let’s start with defining what a retirement residence is.


A retirement resident is a community or housing created for older adults how can care for themselves. In retirement communities, they enjoy their golden years by engaging in social activities. Most communities have their own programs which residents can follow.


It is also important to note that there are some communities which allow the assistance of home care agencies.


Some people think it sounds boring to live in a neighborhood where you only interact with people your age, but have you ever considered how you’ll feel when you’re alone at home and there’s no one to talk to all day? You’ll soon miss your daily interaction with people from your former workplace, and you’ll miss being active and productive.


When you live in a retirement residence, you have the opportunity to make new friends and gain new experiences.


Most communities have planned activities so there’s always something to do. There are various clubs and organizations for you to join. Some even offer university lessons for those who wish to go back to school.


A whole new world is open for you to explore in a retirement residence.


Kinds of senior housing


If you’re wondering what options are available to you, here are the different kinds of senior communities.


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  • Independent living is a for active older adults with minimal need of assistance for daily tasks.

55+ retirement residences are neighborhoods built for people in early retirement who are looking to downsize. This community can be single-family homes, condos or apartment living.


  • Assisted living communities are residences that provide long-term senior care and personal care services like meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and more, depending on the residents’ needs.


  • Continuing care retirement communities, also known as life-care communities, are residences that offer multiple care levels in one place. They are a combination of residential and care options.


  • Memory care communities help seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of memory loss.


When to move to a senior community?

How do you know it's time to move to your new home? Here are three things that let you know it's time.


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1. Home maintenance has become difficult. As you age, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the demands of maintaining a home. Cleaning, yard work, and repairs can be really stressful especially if you are left alone in a huge house.


When you're experiencing this, it's a sign to move. Many retirement places offer home management services so you can live independently without the unnecessary stress of maintaining a home.


2. Feeling lonely or isolated. Leaving the workforce and staying at home is a huge change, and you may start to feel depressed, lonely and reclusive. Relocating to an active adult community will help. You'll be gaining new friendships, engaging in social life, and getting involved in all kinds of classes and activities. You'll feel young at heart again.


3. Escalating health needs. If you're facing health issues and want the best expert care 24/7, it's time to move to a place where you can have access to professional care and emergency assistance round the clock.


If you are thinking of retiring in a warm, sunny place with lots of fresh air and beautiful scenic views, where you can indulge in long walks by the beach anytime you want, play golf, be actively involved in the community, live a relaxed and easy lifestyle, and still be conveniently near amenities and medical facilities, Vero Beach is the place for you.


Vero Beach Facts


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Vero Beach is located on the east coast of Florida, and is part of the state’s “Treasure Coast”.


This city has pristine ocean beaches which stretch for miles and miles, offering breathtaking nature views and plenty of opportunities for many water-related sports and activities.


It is the county seat of Indian River County and offers all the amenities you need. You ’ll never run out of options when it comes to the array of dining selections in Vero Beach.


Along with the other Indian River towns, this city is part of the “Citrus Capital of the World” known for its outstanding citrus crops.


It is ranked as the “Best Small Town in Florida” by America’s Guide to Small Towns.


Money magazine refers to it as one of the “Top Beach Towns” and “Top 10 Cities to Buy Now”.


Rating Guide to Cities named it as the “Best Small City in Florida”, and is one of only four Florida towns included in “The 100 Best Art Towns in America”.


It is home to the Center for the Arts and Riverside Theater, a $2.5 million building with the largest combination of art museum and teaching venues in Florida. Riverside Theater offers live stage performances, celebrity appearances, distinguished lecturers and special events.


The city is divided into two sides by the Indian River Lagoon. One side is the oceanfront barrier and the other is part of the mainland. The island has restrictive zoning so you cannot find high-rise hotels and commercial centers, thereby maintaining the island’s quiet, residential atmosphere.


It is home to Dodgertown where the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team completes their spring training.


The main transportation is the GoLine bus system. There is a small municipal airport, but there are three major international airports within easy driving distance.


Why retire in Vero Beach?

Unlike other beaches where all you’ll see are tall buildings and large crowds, Vero Beach offers a relaxed and natural experience. It’s the kind of beach where you can bring a book, sit under a palm tree and be completely at ease.


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If you haven’t fully made up your mind yet about moving to a Vero Beach retirement community, here are the best reasons why you should do so.


1. It has miles and miles of beautiful beaches.


With approximately 30 miles of pristine white sandy beaches stretching from the Fort Pierce Inlet to the Sebastian Inlet, Vero Beach is truly a gem.


The gorgeous blue and emerald ocean beckons you to enjoy its charm. Just gazing into the waters and walking by the beach calms the mind and soothes the soul. In this beach town, you can enjoy peace, serenity and scenic views every day.


Nature in this community is unspoiled and thriving.


2. It is the best community for water lovers.


If you are an avid boater, you’ll love Indian River Lagoon. It offers you the opportunity to enjoy your passion for boating without worrying about the rough seas.


If you are a bird watcher, the Indian River Lagoon is home to more than 2,000 bird species and is also a protected estuary spawning ground. You’ll be kept busy learning about and watching the diverse wildlife.


If you love sports fishing, here in Vero Beach you can indulge in your passions. The Sebastian Inlet offers some of the best fishing spots in Florida.  


For all water lovers, you’ll never run out of things to do in this community.


3. It is a community that has a deep appreciation for art and culture.  


This community has annual art festivals and exhibits.


The Riverside Theater offers Broadway quality live stage performances, celebrity appearances, distinguished lectures and special events.


The Vero Beach Museum of Art has fantastic displays in different media. It’s also very active in promoting art and culture to people of different ages.


4. It offers a wide array of dining and shopping options.


You’ll be surprised to know that despite its size, Vero Beach provides a great shopping and dining experience. There are dozens of outlets and boutiques to choose from. For food choices, you’ll find that Vero Beach also caters to almost every taste, from side streets to high ends.


5. It’s close to Walt Disney, Universal Studios and many other attractions.


Florida is a favorite destination especially among kids. Vero Beach is less than two hours away from many of the state’s popular attractions. When your grandkids come over for a visit, they’ll be thrilled to see you and to enjoy a visit to nearby attractions.


6. It offers the best medical care. Vero Beach residents are well-taken care of when it comes to medical care.  


Indian River Medical Center, located just behind Vero Beach Regional Airport, is an award-winning community hospital nationally recognized for its cancer center and surgery.


Sebastian River Medical Center, just a few minutes north of Vero, is another good hospital with 100 physicians on staff.


The Holmes Regional Trauma Center, about 34 miles north, is a 468-bed Level II Trauma Center.


7. It has helpful support systems.  


When you need help, the Senior Resource Association offers services and activities in the city. The Florida Department of Elder Affairs offers a wealth of services which assisted living residents in Vero Beach can benefit from.

Benefits of Retiring in Vero Beach


Vero Beach is a nature lover’s paradise, but how about retirees? What do you get when you retire in Vero Beach?


Take a look at the long list of your benefits in living in this beautiful beach community.


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  • Beautiful weather. Vero Beach is known as the “gateway to the tropics”. If you are looking for a tropical lifestyle, this is the perfect place. It enjoys a humid, subtropical climate. The average annual temperature is 72.7 degrees. Winter here is great, no more achy bones!


  • Great location. Experience the best years of your life in Florida’s best preserved waterfront city. This place has it all, from a rich appreciation of art and culture, to the best unspoiled beach locations. It also places you in proximity to many recreational facilities, something your family will also look forward to when they come to visit.


  • Sense of belonging. Living in a retirement housing provides opportunities for social engagement where you can join organized activities, take classes and just know that there is someone you can  spend time with anytime of the day. That can be very reassuring at this point in your life. This sense of belonging is a boost to your emotional, social and physical health.


  • Look forward to an excellent quality of life. Retirement life is about relaxing and enjoying your golden years and you’ll get that in Vero Beach retirement residences. Laidback and easy, this beach town is a peaceful haven very different from the frantic lifestyle in many cities, and the retirement housing residents benefit greatly from that.


  • Low cost of living. In Vero Beach, there is no state income tax. Within the River County, the sales tax is only seven percent.


  • Relatively low property taxes. Vero Beach enjoys a low to median rate property tax, compared to 46 other counties in the state which have higher property taxes.


  • Active living at its best. That’s 30 miles of  beach perfect for strolls, long walks and runs. There is no better motivation for a daily walk than the breathtaking sunrise and the feel of the cool ocean breeze. There’s something for everyone in Vero Beach. You can go surfing, boating, golfing, kayaking, river and deep sea fishing, and many more. You can live the active life you long for, and still be in a serene and tranquil community where you can relax and be among friends.


  • State-of-the-art medical facility. When you need medical help, you have an amazing medical facility to help you. Choose from any of the three hospitals and be assured that your health is their priority. The Indian River Hospital offers 24-hour emergency services, a stroke center, heart and vascular services, a cancer center, orthopedics/joint services, a center for behavioral health, and a women’s health and maternity center.


  • Plenty of retirement housing options to choose from. There are many retirement and active adult living communities in Vero Beach. Whether you’re searching for active adult communities, independent living communities, assisted living community or leisure communities, Vero Beach has something for you.


  • Security. Enjoy peace of mind when you live in any of the senior communities in Vero Beach. Security is well considered all over the community. You can enjoy a peaceful home, day in and out.


The Retirement Communities


Have you decided where to reside? Knowing what kind of community is right for you will help you decide where to live in this city.


If you envision an active lifestyle where you can enjoy your hobbies and meet new friends, here are the active adult communities to choose from:


  • Lakes at Waterway Village is a community where homesites enjoy lake or preserve views, and homes have Mediterranean inspired exteriors and spacious gathering areas great for entertaining.


  • Isles at Waterway Village Residents in this community, enjoy luxurious amenities and spacious homes with two to three bedrooms.


  • Cove at Waterway Village is a smaller community of 80 single-family low maintenance homes with large gathering areas and functional living spaces.


  • Woodfield is a gated community that offers single-story attached villas and single-family detached homes. This community is just minutes away from Indian River Mall and other restaurants. It offers a heated pool, an outdoor spa, and tennis courts. It also has an onsite social director so you don’t run out of activities to do.


  • Harmony Reserve is a 122 acre community that offers resort style and maintenance-free lifestyle.


  • Vista del Mar is a beautiful over 55+ condo community located right on the beachfront where residents enjoy private access to the Atlantic Coast.


  • Old Orchid is a gated community of affordable homes located on the barrier island. It is only a few minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean and is located beside a historic nature preserve.



  • The Willows is a gated community of new single-family homes located only seven miles from the Atlantic Ocean, so you have plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.


If you prefer independent living, here are the Vero Beach retirement residences you can choose from:


  • The Brennity at Vero Beach - a luxury retirement residence providing a wide range of living options to seniors who want to live long, live well and live independently.


  • Horizon Bay Vero Beach provides both independent and assisted living, depending on the resident’s needs.


  • Regency Park is a luxury retirement neighborhood for residents enjoying independent living.


  • Isles of Vero Beach - Secure behind a gated entry and nestled amidst landscaped woods and ponds within minutes of Treasure Coast beaches, you’ll love calling the Isles of Vero Beach home.


  • Indian River Estates is 100-acre gated retirement campus, the only Florida retirement community in Vero Beach offering Acts Life Care® which frees you to enjoy life more fully.


  • Lexington Club is an independent living community located near Indian River Mall and I-95.


If you feel you’ll benefit more from assisted living, here are the best communities that offer the care you seek.


  • Isles of Vero Beach


  • HarborChase of Vero Beach


  • The Brennity at Vero Beach


  • Indian River Estates


Whether you seek for an independent, active lifestyle, or want to enjoy in a luxury gated community, or feel more comfortable at an assisted living facility, you’ll find it all here in Vero Beach. It is the perfect retirement destination, delivering the peace and serenity you long for.


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