Staging Secrets You Won't Find on the Internet!

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The best 30 minutes you'll spend!

  1. Want to make as much money as you can from the sale of your property?
  2. Don't know why your property wouldn't sell and want to know how? 
  3. You know you have to do it but do you know how to do it effectively?

Just another home staging seminar? Nope! You've seen the shows and researched online but it's a lot more than de-cluttering and furniture arrangement. What are the secrets to making it really effective?

I'm going share my proven secrets and tell you how to take home staging to the next level.

Today’s market place is well informed, know what they want and accustom to experiencing great customer service when purchasing products & services, especially higher priced items.

And let's face it, purchasing a home is an emotional purchase, making the creation of positive emotions very important. You can thank the success of HGTV's home buying/selling shows that created a high level of expectations. Providing a "Wow" factor can make or break your chances. If you don't prepare a home properly, you can have a difficult time selling.

92% of potential homebuyers look on the Internet for properties, making photographs the first impression. Photos tell a story aside from showing what a room looks like; they also sell lifestyle or feeling about the property. 

The solution? Home Staging. It's a proven effective tool for increasing the chance of selling 2-3 times faster and for 6-8% more money.

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