Reasons to use a Boutique Real Estate Firm

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 A boutique real estate firm is a small office staffed with well-vetted professionals. Boutiques offer superior customer service and specialized marketing for a small number of clients. The hallmark of the boutique firm is a focus on quality over quantity.

As a client of a Scoggins Realty LLC, you can expect above average representation in any transaction from a quaint condo unit to sprawling estate and everything in between.  You will rest assured knowing that you are being repesented by not just a REALTOR® but the Broker and owner of Scoggins Realty, LLC from start to finish 



How is a boutique firm similar to a large real estate company?

In an age of technology where bigger is often better and instant gratification is expected, a Boutique Real Estate Firm, like Scoggins Realty, LLC in Austin Texas stands among the best.

  • Boutique Firms offer the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) representation as larger companies. Meaning, all companies have the same access level to the same properties whether representing a buyer or a seller.
  • With the new "Coming Soon" feature on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Boutique firms like Scoggins Realty, LLC are now on the same playing field as the large firms when it comes to selling your home before it hits the market.
  • Online marketing offerings at larger companies and Boutique Firms are equal. Your property will be represented on major home buying and selling sites like, Zillow and Trulia and many others.
  • Much of the technology that REALTORS® provide their clients are provided through the MLS system. This technology is available to both large companies and boutique firms.
  • Large Real Estate companies have high quality marketing products, just like a boutique firm. Often, boutique firms are able to specialize their marketing even more than larger firms.


So, why is a Boutique Real Estate Firm Best?

  1. Quality of Quantity.

Boutique firms know that each client has different needs.  Instead of focusing on the number of homes they purchase or sell, the boutique firm can concentrate on Customer Service.  The boutique firm knows that your opinion has a more significant impact than at a larger company, and will strive for your satisfaction.

  1. Support from their office.

With todays technology providing tools to the transaction and marketing you will be given top notch service. From DocuSign for quicker negotiations, printing from FAPrint, professional stager advise, professional contract advise and the 24 hour property management maintenance solution call service for the property managent services

  1. Established Agent / Broker.

Becauses you have to be a broker not to be sponsored by a large firm you can be assured that Donna Scoggins Broker and Owner of Scoggins Realty, LLC is a proven top agent by her production and state test from the Texas Real Estate Commission.

4.  Vigilant about cultivating the culture and brand of the firm.

Unlike a larger company, a Boutique firm has something to prove and doesn’t have a large brand name to use as a source of their worth.  Your boutique firm is eager to show their ability to compete with a larger firm.

5.  Innovation and customization happen more quickly.

Large companies have more “red tape” and company regulations that restrict the ability of your broker to be innovative.  A boutique firm offers instant communication with the company owner, allowing for quick and cutting edge customization in marketing your home.  You file is handled by the broker and broker alone. It is not handed off to a new agent that is in the team. Or a transaction coordinator who only works during busness hours.

6. Your Transaction is always with your agent.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, your broker will not give your contract to a closing coordinator.  Closing coordinator are typically used by larger companies so a broker can begin work with their next client.  Donna Scoggins the broker and owner will see your transaction through from the beginning to the end.  No paperwork or important information will be lost in the shuffle, so you can be assured that you are well represented throughout the entire process.


Here are a few shout outs from some other Boutique Firms. 

















Comments (4)

Susan Jacobsen
The Alliance Group Realty - Hilton Head Island, SC
20 Years Providing WOW Real Estate Service

Donna - really good post! I too work for/with a 'boutique' agency and do get the question by sellers, mostly, why they should go with our firm rather than a 'known' or 'national' firm. I really like your answers and they make for a wonderful listing presentation for you I'll bet!!!

Mar 07, 2018 01:55 PM
Donna Scoggins
Scoggins Realty, LLC Sale & Property Management - Austin, TX

Thank you so much. We need to start doing a better job at educating the public. Most of the boutique firms are ran by realtors who where top agents at the larger firms. And becuase they have gotten their brokers lic they were able to branched out and give more one on once service. The Walmarts of the Real Estate Industry are not the best.


Mar 07, 2018 02:08 PM
Mercedes E. Santana
Santana Property Group - New York, NY
Investment Properties

Donna you made a well stated case. I have a Boutique Commercial Real Estate Firm and our focus is building a relationship with the client that makes them want to work with us again. Its also a great way to get referrals.


Mar 07, 2018 07:42 PM
Donna Scoggins
Scoggins Realty, LLC Sale & Property Management - Austin, TX


Mar 08, 2018 08:56 AM