Spring home sale: major problems that you must solve first

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When it comes to home selling, we all know the drill. After making sure that your reason for selling is valid, you have to interview listing agents and make sure that you choose the most experienced one. Next, you have to get a house appraisal because after all, you need to know exactly the value of your property before establishing a certain price, which does not have to be too high or too low and prepare the house for sale. This might prove to be the most time-consuming process because you will have to make necessary repairs or improvements in order to increase its value and obtain a more attractive price. Once your property is ready for sale, you have to advertise it by using all the methods available, from exterior and interior photographs, signage and virtual tours to agent tours and print advertising. The following step requires you to wait for purchase offers and negotiate.

Focus on major repairs when preparing your house for sale

Since we believe and probably everyone agrees that getting a house ready for sale represents the most demanding step, this article has the purpose to guide you throughout the process and help you complete it successfully without losing your sanity. The most important thing is that you dedicate your time and patience to make sure that your property is in pristine condition. Otherwise, taking into account the multitude of options in terms of houses present on the market nowadays, prospective buyers could simply notice your house, but never return to explore it more because it does not spark their interest. Our advice is to start with major repairs, if necessary and then direct your full attention towards landscaping, décor and other minor improvements that could boost your home value significantly, especially since repairs usually require more money. You have to be aware that you cannot afford mold, poor air quality, musty odors, bugs infestation, clogged drains or electrical issues.

You might notice clogged drains or bad odors in the kitchen

Most homeowners admit that only two spaces cause major problems and inconveniences, namely the kitchen and the bathroom. In the first case, terrible odors coming from the sink have the power to chase away even the most motivated human being out there. Sometimes, you cannot even identify the culprit right away so you focus on the most obvious things like the trash or those foods forgotten in the refrigerator. However, even after you throw them away, the bad smell does not disappear so now you take into consideration that the only culpable left is your sink. You can use certain cleaning solutions that you can pour in the sink in order to remove that unpleasant odor, but if they do not provide efficient results, then you should ask a skilled neighbor or contact a professional because overt time food particles accumulated in the rubber seal and you might have to replace it. This is just one example of problem that you might encounter in the kitchen after a close examination.


You have to remove all the mold in your bathroom

Moving on to the bathroom, not few homeowners enter their bathroom and notice mold in the shower area. Since the fungus practically appears, grows and multiplies in wet environments, it explains why it targeted your shower. If you wonder how they solve the issue, you should know that acting immediately is crucial. Otherwise, the mold will spread and it will become darker, not to mention about the health conditions it could cause. The bright side is that you can find excellent products in store that eliminate mold in minutes. In fact, you can even use home remedies. For instance, a mix of baking soda, soap and hot water or a solution consisting in water and bleach will do all the work for you. After you scrub thoroughly with a brush, you let it dry and repeat as many times as necessary. However, removing mold is not enough when you are trying to sell a house; you also have to make sure that it will not return.

Electrical problems are dangerous and urgent – call a professional

During your house examination, you have to pay close attention to sings of electrical problems. In this case, whether your lights or outlets are causing you distress, you should never attempt to tackle them on your own. This is dangerous and unknown territory so hiring a specialist is imperative. Whether you are dealing with a burning smell, discolored switches, sparks or bussing sounds, remember that you should never overlook them because they represent a major threaten to anyone’s safety. Under no circumstances, you should let any buyer install in your house without solving even those seemingly minor electrical issues. You never know when a fire might start and wreak havoc on the property. If the buyer has a family, then think what would happen if a child would suffer an electrical shock. It is your responsibility to prepare the house for sale not only to obtain a better price, but also to make sure that it represents a safe hone for the future buyer and his family.

Clean the interiors of your house and boost its curb appeal

Once you finish with the repairs, you can start focusing on cleaning, painting, flooring and staging. Obviously, personal items no longer belong inside the house if you decide to put it up for sale meaning that you have to pass through each room and place all your items in boxes so you can easily transport them to your new residence or to a friend’s house. This is the great opportunity to decide what you should keep, what you should donate and what you should simply throw away. Next, you can start cleaning every corner of the house. From washing the windows and dusting the blinds, cleaning appliances and laundering curtains to dusting baseboards, you have to make sure that at the end, everything sparkles. Remember, a cleaner house looks more expensive and welcoming. Your property should match everyone’s tastes so if you personalized each room for every member of the family, you should repaint the walls and make it universally appealing.


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