Certified Top Producer Jonathan Slater Reveals 'Special Sauce' Formula

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Boston Area Certified Top Producer Reveals "Special Sauce'

Ranked in Top 10 in Chestnut Hill by Best Agent Today


CHESTNUT HILL, MA – Jonathan Slater, President of Castles Luxury Properties, has been designated asc a Certified Top Producer for Chestnut Hill, MA by Best Agent Today, an independent research organization which ranks real estate agents based on its proprietary Agent Productivity Index (API).

For 2017, Mr. Slater’s API placed him in the top 10 out of more than 300 real estate agents evaluated by the company in zip code 02467 (Chestnut Hill, MA -- top 3%).

According to Rich Rubino, CEO of Amesbury, MA-based Best Agent Today, "we use a proprietary algorithm that assesses each agent on a zip code by zip code basis, meaning that agents are scored against all other agents in their market."

Mr. Slater, who has an MBA from Harvard Business School, says he is very impressed that Best Agent Today has developed such a sophisticated algorithm. Mr Rubino notes that its Certified Top Producers "must be in the top tier of scores based on real estate transactions and other objective criteria either on the listing side or the buyer side.”

Special Sauce

“While a good agent generally makes you money or saves you money (net of fees), the ‘special sauce’ here is in helping people make good decisions and feel good about those decisions -- that’s what gets deals done,” says Slater.

“There’s no one like Jonathan,” according to Jon Gordon, a local real estate developer who has engaged Mr. Slater to represent him in Chestnut Hill on multiple occasions, including a current condominium listing for a recent gut renovation at Hampton Place for $1.349 million.

“I echo that,” says Peter Casterline, himself an MBA student at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, who together with his wife Maureene are working with Mr. Slater on purchasing a new home which is currently under construction and expected to close in July. “We are new to the area. Jonathan enabled us to take very broad criteria and create a short list upon which we could act. We are very excited,” notes Casterline.


Castles Luxury Properties is a division of Newton, MA-based Castles Unlimited Inc.. “Jonathan is an important part of the local real estate agent community. The proof is in the pudding: his clients love him,” says Jim Lowenstern, Castles’ owner.