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Berenice Avalos with the Realty Agency

My name is Berenice Avalos, I moved to Yuma, AZ to pursue my career in the banking industry. I became a mortgage loan officer, to help people finance the American dream. I have taken that knowledge and moved to the front lines to benefit my community by helping them personally find the home of their dreams. As my client, you can always rest assured that with my strong core knowledge of financing, you will benefit from the best information available. As your Agent I will guide you through the maze and help you open the door to your new home.

During my free time I enjoy spending a relaxing evening with my family, whether it be Sunday night football or spending time at the beach enjoying the calming breeze.

Spending time with my three loving children energizes me and being able to give them my support fulfills me. I would also like to thank my loving husband for always supporting me, and my Realty Agency Team for giving me this grand opportunity in helping you.

Contact Details
  •  Office : (928) 539-3000
  •  Mobile : (928) 246-8363
  •  Fax : (928) 343-9000
  • Email:

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