Can I Get Seller/Buyer Leads Without Upfront Fees?

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Can I Get Seller/Buyer Leads Without Upfront Fees?

One of my favorites is of course ActiveRain! Are you dancing in the Rain yet? If NOT, why not?
Some list to last, some only work with buyers and some do both. Whatever your business model is, you MUST market to potential buyers and sellers if you want to stay in this business.

I don’t know about you but I am not the one to buy leads but if that’s what you choose to do, that’s fine as well.

There are many ways to make your phone ring without signing a contract and paying thousands of dollars every month. Let’s get one thing straight though, marketing is not FREE. Your time is money so even if you’re door knocking or cold calling, it’s costing you money.

Here are some suggestions on getting Seller/Listing Leads without upfront fees;


-Mailouts You must be consistent and do a mailout every three to four weeks. Please think about what you’re mailing out before you spend a dollar. Ask yourself these questions;
1-Will the homeowner read my message
2-Is it relevant
3-What’s in it for them?
4-Why would they call me vs hundreds of other agents in town

I picked a farm of 400 homes who receive a handwritten letter, then a postcard, handwritten card, then another postcard. I mail out every three weeks.
These 400 homes are not in a specific subdivision but a certain location which may include some subdivisions.
Out of these 400, I select absentee owners and mail them information about property management also a CMA every three months.

-Social Media- Facebook is a great place to market. Think outside the box, there are many other places you can post to other than your Business page and of course personal page. Try Marketplace. I just rented one of my listings to someone who saw my ad in Marketplace.
When I run FB ads, I target those 400 homes that I mail to.

-There are also some sites that will send you leads without upfront fees. If you’ve been in the business for more than two days, you may already know which ones to stay away from.
I’ve tried a few, UpNest is one that DOES send legitimate leads. They charge 30% referral fee for Seller leads and 15% referral fee for Buyer leads which are paid at closing, NO upfront fees.

-ActiveRain- Notice I didn’t say blogging which of course works. See, here in ActiveRain, even if you’re not blogging, you’re learning. There are so many successful professionals who share their methods freely. You will meet great people who truly become friends you care about but never met. To me, that’s priceless. If you want to reap the benefits, I would highly recommend having a Rainmaker account so the consumer can read your blog posts as well. I can’t tell you how many calls I received from posts I’ve written years ago. I recently got a rental listing for $1800.00/month, rented it in two days. I received the listing as a result of a blog post that originated on ActiveRain and the tenant came from Facebook Marketplace.

Spring is coming and real estate will get busy so why not try a few different things to generate leads?

Can I Get Seller/Buyer Leads Without Upfront Fees?



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