5 Must-Do Improvements to Sell Your Guilderland Home Fast

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Are you planning to put your home up for sale this year?


There’s a difference between selling a home, and selling a home fast.


For a home to sell fast, it must be appealing, priced right and move-in ready. You have to make the effort to make your Guilderland NY property stand out against the competition.


How do you make your home attractive to buyers? Here are five must-do improvements to get the offers rolling.


Spruce up your curb appeal. When selling your home, your home’s first impression is the only impression. The first thing a buyer sees even before they step in your property is the front yard, so make sure to improve your landscape before you list your home.


How do you increase your home’s curb appeal?


Everything outside the front door contributes to the curb appeal, so walk outside and see what work needs to be done in your exterior. Mowing the lawn, removing dead leaves and plants, and adding flowers and furniture increase the curb appeal.


Clean, neutralize and declutter. Buyers love bright and airy spaces, and you can’t offer that if your home is messy and cluttered. Hence, clean, clean, clean! If you want your Guilderland NY home to sell fast, make sure all surfaces are shiny, and remember to keep the things inside organized and labeled.


When buyers come in, they are imagining the space as theirs, so having family photos on the walls can be distracting. Remove any personal decor, photos and mementos to help buyers better visualize how their belongings will fit in the house.


Guilderland NY Homes for Sale - Bright and airy interiors with large entertainment spaces are yours in homes for sale in Guilderland NY.


If you want to create more space, take away all the other furniture and displays in the home, leaving only the essentials. Decluttering opens up space, allows for better lighting and makes your interior look larger.


Paint the interior and exterior. Paint can do wonders for your home. Give your home a makeover on the inside and out.


Front doors, trims and shutters look so much better when they are freshly painted. Paint can also make a home interior look brighter and larger.


Always choose a neutral shade when it comes to paint color. Choose colors that are soothing, calming and easy on the eyes.


A neutral tone doesn’t always have to be beige or off-white. There are many other neutral toned paint available in the market that can make your home look stunning.


Fix doors and windows. A house, no matter how well-maintained, will always have repair issues. It can be a door that just won’t close, broken windows, cabinet doors that are about to fall off, or a simple broken doorknob. Ensure that you take care of all the minor repairs so the buyer won’t have a reason to doubt your home’s upkeep.


Update the floor finishes. The home’s floor is one of the most abused features due to foot traffic.


If you have hardwood floors, have it refinished. Hardwood floor is a top preference for many buyers for its durability, elegance, and timeless appeal.

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If you have newer carpet floors, have it professionally cleaned to remove the dirt and smell. However, if your carpet is old and worn out, throw it out and opt for a laminate or hardwood floor.


Increase the appeal of your home for sale in Guilderland through these improvements and watch the offers come pouring in!


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