What the heck is a Referral, anyways?

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It’s a beautiful day and you get a phone call/text/email from your past realtor asking for referrals. And then your mind starts racing:

“What the heck does that even mean?”

“Is their business not doing well?”

“Why should I refer them to my friends and family?”

There’s subtle and not-so-subtle ways that realtors may ask for a referral or review of their service and your experience. And even more likely than not, this is EXACTLY how your realtor asked you:

“A referral from a friend, past client, or colleague is the highest compliment I can ever receive.”

“The greatest form of flattery is a referral.”

“Feel free to send my information to your friends and family.”

These are just a few of the common taglines or phrases realtors use. They are frequently found at the bottom of email signatures, the backs of business cards… you’ve likely encountered something similar to this before. But I’m sure you’re still asking yourself, “what does this all mean?”


So, Here’s What It Means:

Your transaction was a breeze, and your realtor knows that you have like-minded individuals in your circle that could use their services. Your realtor wants to work with more wonderful customers just like you! It’s most certainly a compliment to you, the customer!

Giving your realtor a referral is acknowledging their level of expertise and great service. A referral is simply relaying to your realtor that you are thankful for their time and effort in your recent transaction. Buying or selling a home is quite usually one of the largest transactions a person will have in their lifetime, and you want to know that they are well cared for. Besides, who doesn’t love helping friends out?!

Referring your realtor’s name out shows that you trust them to take care of your family and friends, which is a great responsibility for any professional. Being able to trust the realtor that is working for you or friends and family eases the stress and anxiety of the home-buying or home-selling process.


Now What?

Hit ‘Reply’ to your realtor!




Written by: Lauren Avalos, Property by Ford Team

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