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Some of you may remember the days when your phone and a notepad in the kitchen was your home office – then came fax machines and computers in your home.  Now you need a real workspace in your home dedicated to being a home office.

In today’s work many people work from home – whether they are owners of a small business or telecommuting with their employers.  It is important to have an assigned area in your home that you conduct business – plus that home office may qualify as a tax deduction.

There are pieces of furniture you can use to adapt a room to be multi-purpose.  There are l-shaped desks that can be put in the corner of a room, like the guest room, with floating shelves for books and papers and plenty of desk space for your laptop and other equipment you might need for a home office.  Don’t forget about a desk chair – they now come in smaller sizes, several colors and are quite comfortable.

Another piece of furniture you can use is an office armoire.  When closed it looks like another piece of furniture and when opened it serves as a full office with work desk, shelves and power strips included plugging into wall outlets.

You also might consider the “under the stairs storage space” and turn that into a home office – all you need is a desk/working space plus a few shelves, under the desk cabinet and a chair.

Bottom Line – There are many ways to have a comfortable space to work from in your home – be creative and make the area a place you like to go to.

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