A Bold Wood and Tile Backsplash

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I remember the day our designer first showed us a sample of the backsplash she was considering for our new Valencia Reserve model home in Edmond. There were three of us in the room, our designer, Russ our vice president of purchasing and myself the vice president of sales and marketing. I don’t want to be dramatic and say there were gasp when we saw the sample, but there was a definite reaction and it wasn’t good.  It was just….out there.

We like our models to be cutting edge, but this was different. Russ said, “Can we even source that?”  I said, “What is that made out of?” I could tell our designer was getting a sick thrill out of our reaction and that she came prepared to fight for her vision.  Great designers are funny like that. They’ll let you argue with them over the big concept, but they will defend the little things with all their might – fireplace mantle width, light fixtures in the secondary bathroom, and in this case, a bold backsplash.

Design vision is a tough thing. It takes...

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