Emergency Weather? - The Aftermath

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As someone who was born and raised in Northern Ohio, I am one of the many adults who cannot believe how many snow days my county allows each year. I feel like people get worked up into a frenzy each time a weather forecaster predicts the possibility of snow.

Recent Emergency Weather

I recently wrote an ActiveRain post titled Emergency Weather?, where I discuss waking up shocked that school was canceled and then slowly discover why. 

During that storm many homes were damaged by trees blown over by the wind, without power for several days, or inaccessible due to road closings and work crews. We lost power for a few days and made the most of it - sleeping downstairs all bundled up and playing games by candlelight. We also spent a good amount of time at the mall enjoying the heat and recharging our phones. 

Two Teenagers - No Internet

When the power returned, there were two casualties: our Internet and our refrigerator. Two teenagers without Internet is okay for a day or two. By day 6, we were all going crazy.

Although our WIFIs were up and running and our devices could connect to them, they were not connecting to the Internet. Our surge protector and our router were fried. Working from home is rather difficult without power or Internet. Even with the frequent charging trips to the shops. 

Loud Screaming - Not Cool

While the lack of Internet was annoying, it was nothing compared to the refrigerator. When power was restored, we plugged our fridge in and it began making a loud high-pitched screaming sound. And it did not get any cooler. Watching your food go bad is no fun. Luckily we had SUPER

So Glad I have SUPER

SUPER is a new kind of home warranty program that we at Hollish Hill Group are testing in our own homes. I was able to schedule a visit from a specialist through the program and they were able to get my fridge up and running for only a small deductible of $75. What a relief!

I know that many home warranties have a bad reputation for hiring the cheapest contractors. SUPER prides itself on only using contractors with 4-5 star reviews. And they text you to let you know when they are on the way. So I could go out to the a place with heat, and head back once I received the text alert.  And all payments are handled by SUPER, so there is no up-selling by the contractors. It's like the "Uber" of Home Warranties. 

SUPER also includes a concierge service so they can make appointments for you when you need non-emergency contractor visits as well, with no additional cost to you - just the cost of the service. 

If you would like more information about SUPER, feel free to call me with questions. So far, I've been very happy with them. If you decide to purchase a home warranty through SUPER, use this link to get $100 in Service Rewards for each of us. 

And if you are thinking about buying, selling, or investing in real estate, give me a call to Get Started

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